Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Website, New Blog

Following the release of our brand new website at we have decided to focus our product news for our range of glass doors on the site.

There is so much great information on this blog, though, that we'll leave it running and may dip in from time to time with some new stuff. Meanwhile, here are some of the new features of our new website, designed by TheBPc, a local small business that has been looking after our internet presence for almost ten years.

According to Google tests,
  • has very fast response times
  • is mobile friendly
According to user feedback:
  • the way the menu displays photos on hover makes it easy to find products
  • the huge photos allow the door features to be seen in detail
Take a look and let us know what you think!

SunSeeker Doors manufacturing/assembly unit near Luton

Friday, 29 May 2015

SunSeeker Doors New Website

We are pleased to announce that our new website is ready to launch!

When you first land on the home page or any of our product pages, you will be presented with a large photograph of glass doors. Scrolling down will reveal descriptive text of our products, which we hope is useful to you. Our Quote request form fom our old website has been incorporated on the new web site for you to submit your requirements and receive comparative quotes of our doors.

We guarantee not to pass on your contact details and not to have sales people pestering you! We would much rather spend time looking after potential customers who are ready to buy than to annoy potential customers who are not yet ready.

In an attempt to be helpful to people looking for a door visually rather than knowing what it might be called, our drop-down navigation menu includes images of the door styles. For example, if someone is looking for patio doors, they might be looking for sliding or sliding-folding (called bi-folding but also known as zig-zag, concertina and accordian doors!) Bifolds have also been called stacking doors and retractable doors to highlight these particular features which differentiate them from traditional overlapping sliding patio doors.

SunSeeker Doors also has a unique range of doors with side frames measuring less than 2cm across, marketed as the UltraSlim range, available as bi folding doors or sliding doors. UltraSlim features a slide-pivot or slide and turn option... they look the same as UltraSlim bi-folds but they are not connected. Instead of opening all doors at once, in concertina fashion, each door slides along the guide rails and can then be opened. There is a page on the new site with video demonstrations of our doors.

There is also a gallery of door styles and applications: bi folding and sliding, with/without optional blinds, windows, external enclosures, internal room divider doors and commercial installations. Please visit our website at the beginning of June and let us have your comments and feedback if you think we can improve your viewing experience of SunSeeker Doors.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Fantastic Homes deserve Amazing Doors - Photographs

To celebrate the fact that we've all been able to enjoy the garden recently, we are going to show off some of the fantastic homes where we've had the privilege of installing our amazing UltraSlim fully retractable patio doors, both bi folding and sliding-pivot models!

In the photograph above are two sets of 5 doors which can be fully opened to the sides of the openings (retractable) when required. They have been installed in a new extension that houses a fabulous kitchen and will open onto a large new patio/decking. Note that all the doors have integral slated blinds fitted within the double glazing cavity.

Another contemporary kitchen in a new extension is shown in the photograph above. Both sets of doors lead to the lovely courtyard garden. UltraSlim doors enable the garden to be part of the house, visually, even when closed, creating a spacious feel.

This home (above) has been designed to embrace an outdoor lifestyle, with an extensive patio accessible from three sides of the house via fully retractable patio doors.

The SunSeeker Doors' range offers the slimmest door frames available for retractable doors - by several centimetres! Choose our UltraSlim bi folds or slide-pivot styles to future-proof your contemporary styling. If you prefer classic bifolds, we can supply those too.

Our new website will be ready to view soon. Meanwhile you can browse the current site for information at

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Patio Doors for Today's Lifestyle: Revolutionary UltraSlim Bifolds

Bear with us as we streamline our branding and re-vamp our website to deliver a browsing experience worthy of our state-of-the-art patio/bi folding doors.

SunSeeker Doors "UltraSlim" are patio doors with the slimmest side-frames available in the UK today. We launched the original UltraSlim three years ago, a door system that enabled all the doors to slide to the end of the opening and to pivot 90 degrees in order to stack, out of the way, to the side of the opening. These were similar to bi folding doors but each door could slide and turn independently.

A few months ago, SunSeeker again developed new technology to add bi folding doors to the UltraSlim* range. The bifolds have the same slim side-frames - only 19mm - and the doors are hinged together, opening with a zig-zag folding-sliding motion.

SunSeeker UltraSlim Patio Doors

SunSeeker designs, develops, manufactures and installs SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors in the UK, within a reasonable radius of our base off the M1 motorway in Bedfordshire. Our doors lead the way and others eventually follow. We continue to be innovative and develop for the future. Our UltraSlim Bifolds are revolutionary in their field.

Contact us direct for further information or a no-obligation quotation.

*At launch, UltraSlim Bifolds were called SuperSlim to distinguish from our standard Slimline bi folding doors, which we have been installing in England since 2003.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sightline Doors for Clear Blue Skies and Sunshine

Looking at the beautiful weather today (from inside our cosy office) inspired this post about Sightline Doors' large format glass doors for homes and commercial property with larger-than-average requirements.

These are no ordinary patio doors. This first example, below, is an out-building in the grounds of a country house. The super-size sliding doors are 2.5m high (just over 8ft) by 6 metres wide.

The largest glass leaf format available is 6m x 3m. This means that, even when closed, there are no vertical obstructions for almost 20ft x 10ft for spectacular views. Even better, the doors slide open to enable access for numerous people to walk through, side-by-side, simultaneously!

In the following photograph, the installed doors are taller than average, as can be seen when compared with the internal door.

Sightline Doors' aluminium frames are available in a wide range of RAL colours.

Other features include a gliding wheel system that can withstand 1000kg in weight yet enable the doors to slide effortlessly and a 6 lever anti-bump cylinder with hook-latch locking system to prevent doors lifting as they slide.

Visit the website for further details of 'supersize' Sightline doors, where you can also view the image gallery.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Most Popular Frame Colour Now Supplied As Standard

Since SunSeeker Doors launched UltraSlim and SuperSlim bi folding door systems with frame widths of less than 2cm, the most popular frame colour to be specified by clients - by a huge margin - is Anthracite Grey.

Reacting to demand, we have instated Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) as the Standard colour on all SunSeeker Doors' frames at no extra charge.

Other popular colours are various tones of grey - Slate grey, Graphite grey, Stone grey, "Silver" - plus black or white.

We can supply your frames in any of around 200 RAL colours; we are sometimes asked for less usual colours and have supplied frames in dark blue, moss green, sepia and "gold". Here is a link to more information about our aluminium door frame colour options.

Colours are powder-coated onto the aluminium frames and require virtually no maintenance, usually an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. In our many years of business, we have never known powder-coated aluminium colours to fade, discolour or easily chip.

Stonger and more appealing that upvc, aluminium door frames are very popular with home owners and commercial property owners. Visit our website and view some of our slimline, superslim and ultraslim patio door installations!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR Business Opening Dates

Please note that SunSeeker Doors will close for the festive season on Tuesday 23rd December (p.m.) and re-open for business as usual on Monday 5th January, 2015.

Seasons Greetings from SunSeeker Doors