Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SuperSlim Bi Folding Doors: Frame Colours and Glass options

A quick guide to choosing bi folding doors for your home.

As you may know, SunSeeker Doors is the only British manufacturer of bi folding patio doors with super-slimline side frames on the folding-sliding doors. Due to our uniquely designed innovative hinge and locking systems, we are able to produce doors with a frame-width of under 2cm (less than 1") compared with most other systems, which start in excess of 6cm (2.5" upwards).

Aluminium frames on UltraSlim from SunSeeker Doors

Two frames together have a sightline of around 4cm. What frame colour would look best in your sightline? The most popular colour is a traditional white, easy to match with existing frames, painted, powder-coated or pvc. There are a number of other neutral tones that have become increasingly popular in recent times. These are: slate grey, graphite grey, anthracite grey, black, silver and cream. Sepia and some shades of greens and blues have also been specified from our full range of around 200 industry standard RAL colours. You can read more about the colour options and link through to the RAL chart from the aluminium frame colours page of the website.

The double-glazing between the frames is generally supplied as K-glass™ British Kite-marked and adhering to the required CE standard. However, for an additional cost, there are options of: laminated, Argon-filled, antisun, tinted, obscured, leaded-light and Georgian bar. We also offer integral horizontal blinds, the most popular being narrow slatted Venetian style in neutral colours, managed by a magnetised pull-rope. The technology has been tried and tested for almost ten years, is reliable and has the added advantage of no dusting or cleaning - ever!

So... before place your order, submit an obligation-free comparative patio door quotation request.