Monday, 31 October 2011

The Test of Time: SunSeeker Doors Bi Folding Doors Installations.

When a product is considered to be 'new' there are many cautious people who, quite rightly, want their hard-earned money to be carefully invested in a product that is going to last. Fortunately, there are also pioneering-spirited people who embrace new products, enabling them to be tested - and improved - over time.

SunSeeker Doors' glazed bifolds have been manufactured in England since 2003. One of the case studies we published earlier related to a bi folding doors installation in Hertfordshire in 2007. The customers are still living at the same address and agreed that the following could be published:

"It took us about 3 years to get used to the doors just being there rather than admiring them! We still love them. There was a time, after about 2 years, when the lock was a bit stiff to turn and needed either patience or strength. I did tell the company and they assured me that it was a standard problem that occasionally happens with locks and, unless it's broken, we should persevere."

"I had to reluctantly agree as we were having a similar problem with the lock on our front door, fitted by a well-known double-glazing company before we purchased the house. A few months later, the lock on the front door jammed and the key broke off inside. However, the lock on the bifolding doors did loosen and has been trouble free for quite some time, so they were right!"

"We also had integral blinds fitted inside the glazing, despite reading that people questioned the cost of repair if the mechanism should fail. We have used the blinds every morning and night for four years and (touch wood) they are as good as new. More importantly, the blinds have never had to be cleaned or dusted. Bliss!"

Our thanks to Mr & Mrs P, Hertfordshire, for sharing their SunSeeker Doors experience.

Friday, 21 October 2011

When Winter sets in - and we stay in - we crave more Natural Light

Big panels of thermally insulated double glazing around the home enables us to enjoy as much light as possible throughout the winter months without feeling cold draughts but once the weather turns warm - or hot - we'd like to throw open those doors and feel the breeze.

The maximum light flow is with frameless glass and our ultra slim frames are also designed to increase the viewable area through patio doors. (If that's too much glass for you, we still manufacture traditional 'slimline' bi-folding doors.) Maximum access is gained with our door range - all are fully retractable so that indoors can merge almost seamlessly with the great outdoors.

Visit the relevant pages on our website and submit a quote request for a price comparison of all three:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The End of Summer - Best Use of Outdoor Leisure Space

Extend the use of outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs or a pleasant seating area by enclosing them with a glass wind-break - one that can be fully opened on hot days to allow the gentle flow of a cooling breeze.

It may seem like an extravagance (not compared with the cost of installing a pool) but outdoor living can be extended by several days during spring and autumn - and also occasional days during winter months, although we don't suggest sun-bathing!

Imagine sipping a mulled wine around a chiminea without a cold, biting wind across your back... then find out how much it would cost with SunSeeker glass door enclosures > Quote request.