Friday, 9 January 2009

A New Year Resolution: Don't Move ... Improve!

If you are lucky enough to be a house-owner with a comfortable mortgage, no mortgage at all or even if you have savings, the best thing to do with your cash right now is exactly what the Government wants you to do - spend it!

With current low interest rates, your money is losing value just sitting in the bank waiting for another rainy day so here's an alternative idea ... improve your house by installing good quality aluminium bifolding doors that will bring pleasure to your weather-watching and, if you are replacing old wooden french doors or pvc patio doors, you may also reduce your heating bills.

History shows that house prices will recover so home improvements are a good investment and buying British helps the local economy. Bedfordshire-based SunSeeker Doors Ltd manufactures folding patio doors to order, made with aluminium shipped direct from a factory in the north of England.

An enquiry costs nothing. Visit the web site and find out how much your new doors will cost:

Open new doors - you'll be amazed how life can change for the better!