Thursday, 28 July 2011

Last few days of new for old sale!

If you are considering whether to upgrade your patio doors, make that decision today! The SunSeeker Doors Offer will close at the end of this month... that's just a couple of days away.

You can purchase your Bi Folding Doors direct from the UK manufacturer, including site survey and installation. And, until the end of July, you can choose the latest UltraSlim frame fully retractable patio doors for the same price as standard bifolds.

Act now:

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bifolds & UltraSlim - lets talk sight-lines and price!

To the best of our knowledge, our 38mm sight-lines are the slimmest available for retractable double-glazed doors. This means that when you look through the span of closed doors, there is more glass for your viewing pleasure. 

Both our Frameless double-glazed Doors and SunSeeker UltraSlim have 38mm sightlines. The main difference is that Frameless Glass Doors have a visible opaque gasket around the double glazing n order to seal the vacuum that is fundamental to thermal insulation - and so does UltraSlim! But with UltraSlim, the gasket is covered with powder-coated aluminium, giving the customer a choice of almost 200 colours for their frames.

There is one other MAJOR difference throughout July 2011 ... SunSeeker UltraSlim is being offered for THE SAME PRICE as SunSeeker Slimline bi-folding doors. Slimline has always offered one of the slimmest profiles and frames amongst bi-folding door products.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Slide and Fold or Slide and Turn - which doors do you prefer?

At SunSeeker Doors, we offer fully retractable patio doors and glass room dividers with the option of Slide and Fold or Slide and Turn.

When closed, both types of doors look similar. Folding-sliding or bi-folding doors have wider frames than our Ultra-Slim or Frameless Glass doors which work on the principle of each glass door individually sliding to the end of the guide rail before pivoting at right-angles to rest at the sides of the opening.

An advantage of the individual slide and pivot doors is that spaces can be left anywhere along the opening whereas the bifolds are joined together, enabling limited choice of where they may be left open.

Price-wise, there is not a massive difference between the styles and, until the end of July, there is a special offer:  UltraSlim for the SAME PRICE as bi folds. You can submit a request for an obligation-free comparative quotation of all our innovative doors with one easy form, here: Patio Door Quote Comparison.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Room Dividers are single glazed using tempered 'unbreakable' glass.

Click here for special offer on UltraSlim.

Friday, 8 July 2011


The Offer:
Until 31st July 2011, confirmed orders for SunSeeker UltraSlim will be fully installed for the same price as SunSeeker Slimline traditional bi folding doors.

The Price:
SunSeeker bi folding doors are in the medium price range, often slightly cheaper than doors of similar quality. SunSeeker UltraSlim is a unique product, new to market with no direct comparison.

The Product:
We have developed 19mm aluminium frames on our UltraSlim double glazed retractable glass doors. Tried and tested with a small number of customers, UltraSlim is being fully launched with an introductory offer.

  • Slimmest sight-lines available at 38mm when doors are closed.
  • Fully retractable, Narrow profiles when open.
  • Fully compliant with British standards.
  • British innovation, British design.
  • Manufactured to order in the UK.
  • Made to measure to customers exact specification.
  • Usually created and installed within four weeks of order.
  • Frames available in almost 200 different colours.
  • Glass options and cavity fill options.
  • Optional integral blinds available.
  • Offer open until 31st July - could save you £ hundreds.
  • Slimmest sight-lines 38mm means best available views when closed.
  • Fully retractable doors means best available views when open.
  • Unrestricted access through the opening, up to 7m width.
  • Manufactured to British standards in the UK means no shipping delays.
  • Experienced installation team for a fast and tidy job.
  • Thermal values for new doors mean less wasted energy.
View SunSeeker Doors UltraSlim details, submit an obligation-free quotation request or, if you want to ask the SunSeeker team any questions about their doors or this special offer, call 01582 492730.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Frameless Retractable Patio Doors Gain Rapid Popularity

With almost ten years of manufacturing and installing aluminium framed bi folding doors, we are pleased to note that within two years of product launch, SunSeeker Frameless Double Glazed Patio Doors account for 40 per cent of our overall orders in a year that is up on the previous year's sales.

SunSeeker Doors: Frameless Double Glazed Patio Doors
This year, we introduced another product to our portfolio - UltraSlim, Retractable Patio Doors. Similar to Frameless but with the option of a slim 19mm aluminium frame around each glazed panel in any RAL colour of your choice, giving a remarkably slim 38mm slightline.
NEW! SunSeeker Doors: UltraSlim Retractable Patio Doors
A single glazed tempered glass fully retractable Frameless Room Divider is available for areas that are not subject to thermal compliance, such as dividing a room.
SunSeeker Doors: Frameless Glass Room Dividers
You can view all our innovative door products and submit a no-obligation quote request at our web site,