Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Another Fantastic Offer: Save hundreds of £££s on patio doors this month.

SunSeeker Doors have come up with another great deal this summer. Following the success of July's deal for UltraSlim Doors, Frameless double glazed doors are on offer for just two weeks during August.

Example of savings: If your door opening is a standard 2100mm high and 3500mm wide, you will save £809 plus vat - that's just short of £1,000!

The same percentage saving will be applied across all our double glazed Frameless range, therefore the more doors you need, the more money you save.

Also described as glass curtains, panoramic doors or sliding-stacking doors, SunSeeker Frameless patio doors operate on a slide and pivot system, the maximum recommended width of each door is 1 metre.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are manufactured in England, by us, to your exact requirements, delivered and fitted by our experienced team of installers - quickly and cleanly. We have designed, developed and tested our bespoke system since 2008 and we only sell direct, using our own installation teams - no agents, no contractors.

We also manufacture and install Slimline aluminium bi folding-sliding doors (since 2003). All our doors are described in detail on our website,

To take up this offer - click on 'how much will my frameless glass doors cost?' for your no-obligation quotation, today.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Thermally Broken - sounds bad but it's good

Sometimes we forget that industry-standard expressions are not always understood by many of our customers.

This week, we were asked what Thermally Broken Aluminium means and is it a good or bad thing?

Metals are good conductors of hot or cold which, in the case of door frames, is a bad thing because if the sun heats metal on the outside of the door - or worse, if the frost chills the metal outside - the rise or fall in temperature will be felt inside. Aluminium-framed doors would fail to meet thermal insulation requirements.

The way to retain all the good properties of aluminium frames without the unwanted results is to create a break between the aluminium on the outside and the aluminium on the inside. When this is done (by whichever method a manufacturer has developed) it is referred to as "thermally broken".

SunSeeker Doors' aluminium frames are thermally broken ... which is good. Visit our web site for aluminium-framed bi-folding-sliding doors, aluminium-framed slide-and-pivot doors and frameless double-glazed doors.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Swimming Pool Enclosures.

The ultimate in breeze-breakers!

Keep the fabulous views and feeling of spaciousness but cut out the wind chill factor with SunSeeker Doors' Frameless Glass Doors installed as Enclosures. The doors slide open and pivot to stack neatly at the sides of the openings when you want the balmy breeze to waft through.

More photographs are available on on our Frameless Doors page. The SunSeeker Doors range includes Slimline aluminium-framed bifolding doors, UltraSlim-frame slide and pivot patio doors, Frameless Double Glazed Retractable Patio Doors, Frameless Glass Room Dividers and Enclosures.

SunSeeker Doors has been developing innovative glass door systems since 2003. All SunSeeker Doors are manufactured in England - no cheap imports - and are made to measure to your requirements at a remarkably affordable price that includes installation.

Visit the website, read the testimonials, submit a quotation request ...