Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Client Testimonial for RAL-colour aluminium framed bi-folding doors

"Just to let you know the installation went off very smoothly and the installers did a quick and wonderful job. Very pleased with service from Sunseekers. Well done guys!

P.S. The colour was spot on as well!"

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bi Folding Doors that don't actually fold = less frame and more glass!

click to see technical drawings
Having spent eight years perfecting Slimline aluminium bi folds, innovative door manufacturer, SunSeeker Doors, recently spent two years designing and honing both Frameless and Ultra-Slim versions of the bifolding (or folding-sliding) doors 'offspring' without hinges - so they don't actually fold! The doors pivot individually to parallel-stack at the end of the guides.

The new, contemporary patio doors look similar to bi folding doors when they are open or closed but the difference is obvious when they are half way between the two.

Traditional folding-sliding doors, like SunSeeker Slimline, open and close with a zig-zag concertina movement, pairs of doors are hinged at one side with the other sides sliding along grooves.

The new doors were designed to feature more glass by reducing or removing the side frames, facilitating a superior view when the doors are closed. Without a decent chunk of frame on which to attach sturdy hinges, SunSeeker Doors had to develop a method of retaining the thermal values of the doors, in order to meet British standards; the edges of the doors had to fit together snugly without gaps. This was achieved, in fact, with slightly higher insulation qualities than the original bifolds.

Main Features & Benefits:
  • less metal, more glass for a better viewing area
  • improved insulation for greener living
Other Advantages:
  • Frameless Glass Doors ends the dilemma of wood v pvc v aluminium frames
  • Ultra-Slim aluminium frames (available in over 100 colours choices) enable integral blinds to be fitted
  • No hinges means that doors can be spaced across the opening for better 'breeze control' and, let's face it, this looks seriously cool with a massive WoW factor!
Finally, Price ... just a little more than traditional folding-sliding doors. Submit just one form for an obligation-free quotation on all three patio door styles.