Monday, 19 December 2011

We've Re-jigged the Photos on our Website

Seasons Greetings to our readers!

The bi-folding doors animation that illustrates how the doors fold back and also shows integral blinds has moved to the bifolding patio doors page, enabling us to showcase all our products in a new fade out - fade in animation on our home page at
*All our patio doors are made with kite-marked double-glazed units. The SunSeeker Doors range is manufactured in the UK, to your exact requirements. **Our latest innovative double glazed door system.

We look forward to installing your choice of doors in the new year. Our best wishes for 2012!

Monday, 5 December 2011

SunSeeker Glass Doors Kite Marks

Kite Mark BS EN 12150 is the British and European Toughened Glass Standard and BS EN 1279 is the British and European Standard for Hermetically Sealed Double Glazing Units, awarded after several weeks of weather testing including extreme temperatures.
Kite Marks are your guarantee of quality, durability and safety standards for consumers looking to buy double glazing products that are fit for purpose. SunSeeker Doors' double-glazing units all carry these kite marks, visible on the door glass, supported by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

When choosing Bi Folding Doors or Slide-and-Pivot Doors for your home, including Frameless Glass Doors, avoid inferior products, ensure that the double glazed unit has a Kite Mark.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Brighten your home. Make the most of your views.

When you install glass doors in your home, the main reasons are usually that you want light to come through or you want to see what's on the other side. Whichever of these reasons applies to you, the more glass (and the less frame) the bigger the benefit!

In this property, the family have maximised natural light into their kitchen and maximised access through the retractable door system by choosing SunSeeker UltraSlim, retractable glass doors with ultra slim 19mm frame.

If you are lucky enough to have fabulous views, make the most of them with maximum glass and minimum door frames:

These Ultra Slim frames are the narrowest frames available on retractable doors - bi folding door frames are much wider to accommodate hinges for folding, pvc frames would considerably reduce the view. This SunSeeker Ultra Slim installation has optional integral blinds fitted inside the double glazing cavity.

Visit our website, to view all our retractable door styles and compare door prices.

Monday, 14 November 2011

New Image for Frameless Double Glazed Doors

This bright and spacious room has garden views to three sides through glass panels. Nothing new there ... except that all the glass panels are doors that can be fully opened to create a covered terrace.

Not only this but these are the latest, innovative, double glazed doors with thermal insulation values in excess of the standard required to comply with British building regulations.

Unlike bifolding doors, each frameless glass door can be moved individually by sliding along guides and remaining wherever you leave them; once at the end of the guides, each door will pivot to provide maximum access through the opening.

The icing on the cake is that these frameless glass doors have been developed in the UK and are manufactured in England to your specific size and glazing requirements. They are not 'cheap' but they are modestly priced to be affordable to many householders. A quotation is free and, unlike some other companies, SunSeeker Doors will not keep sending emails or pressure you with 'phone calls.

Elegant and slim, there is really no comparison with pvc-framed bifolds. Frameless is the future.

Monday, 31 October 2011

The Test of Time: SunSeeker Doors Bi Folding Doors Installations.

When a product is considered to be 'new' there are many cautious people who, quite rightly, want their hard-earned money to be carefully invested in a product that is going to last. Fortunately, there are also pioneering-spirited people who embrace new products, enabling them to be tested - and improved - over time.

SunSeeker Doors' glazed bifolds have been manufactured in England since 2003. One of the case studies we published earlier related to a bi folding doors installation in Hertfordshire in 2007. The customers are still living at the same address and agreed that the following could be published:

"It took us about 3 years to get used to the doors just being there rather than admiring them! We still love them. There was a time, after about 2 years, when the lock was a bit stiff to turn and needed either patience or strength. I did tell the company and they assured me that it was a standard problem that occasionally happens with locks and, unless it's broken, we should persevere."

"I had to reluctantly agree as we were having a similar problem with the lock on our front door, fitted by a well-known double-glazing company before we purchased the house. A few months later, the lock on the front door jammed and the key broke off inside. However, the lock on the bifolding doors did loosen and has been trouble free for quite some time, so they were right!"

"We also had integral blinds fitted inside the glazing, despite reading that people questioned the cost of repair if the mechanism should fail. We have used the blinds every morning and night for four years and (touch wood) they are as good as new. More importantly, the blinds have never had to be cleaned or dusted. Bliss!"

Our thanks to Mr & Mrs P, Hertfordshire, for sharing their SunSeeker Doors experience.

Friday, 21 October 2011

When Winter sets in - and we stay in - we crave more Natural Light

Big panels of thermally insulated double glazing around the home enables us to enjoy as much light as possible throughout the winter months without feeling cold draughts but once the weather turns warm - or hot - we'd like to throw open those doors and feel the breeze.

The maximum light flow is with frameless glass and our ultra slim frames are also designed to increase the viewable area through patio doors. (If that's too much glass for you, we still manufacture traditional 'slimline' bi-folding doors.) Maximum access is gained with our door range - all are fully retractable so that indoors can merge almost seamlessly with the great outdoors.

Visit the relevant pages on our website and submit a quote request for a price comparison of all three:

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The End of Summer - Best Use of Outdoor Leisure Space

Extend the use of outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs or a pleasant seating area by enclosing them with a glass wind-break - one that can be fully opened on hot days to allow the gentle flow of a cooling breeze.

It may seem like an extravagance (not compared with the cost of installing a pool) but outdoor living can be extended by several days during spring and autumn - and also occasional days during winter months, although we don't suggest sun-bathing!

Imagine sipping a mulled wine around a chiminea without a cold, biting wind across your back... then find out how much it would cost with SunSeeker glass door enclosures > Quote request.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slimline Aluminium Bi Folding Doors - Trade

Not to be compared with cheaper alternatives from DIY chains, SunSeeker folding-sliding doors are Made in England and feature the slimmest sight-lines and slim profiles (that's why we call them SunSeeker Slimline Bi Folds!)

Builders may now consider the low maintenance option of a quality set of aluminium framed bi-folds (up to 7m width) for their customers, rather than pvc or timber frames with limited expanse.

Full details of the doors are on the SunSeeker Doors main innovative doors website; for trade details and price estimations, visit SunSeeker Doors Trade Bifolds.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ultra-chic Frameless Slide & Pivot Patio Door System

Having an ultra-chic talking point in your home costs a little more than having a very nice modern set of bi folding doors. With Frameless glass doors, you get more glass for a superior panoramic view.

Sightlines with Frameless Glass Doors cannot be equalled by any bi folding doors (including SunSeeker Doors Slimline bifolds).

Compare products and make your decision now. 01582 492 730

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Feedback: what our competitors are saying about SunSeeker Doors

It came to our attention recently that at least one of our competitors is making misleading statements about us. Nothing serious but we thought we'd clear up any misunderstandings about whether we are manufacturers of frameless glass doors / glass curtains or just agents for a non-UK company.


Installation from 2003/2004
We've been manufacturing and installing bi folding doors since 2003. The concept was in its infancy as we developed our proprietary system in-house. We took the decision to retrain our aluminium powder-coating staff to install our bifolding doors with great care and, during the following years, our bifolding door system was refined and the installation team's experience grew. Although SunSeeker Doors is still a small-ish company, expansion has been carefully managed in line with sustainable economic growth plus continued research and development.

Since then, bifolds have become very popular in the UK, second only to French doors (and this is because many homes are built with openings limited to a double door width). A few manufacturers and a greater number of agents, including DIY shops, have brought products to market: aluminium, pvc and timber framed bifolding doors under various other names such as accordian, concertina, sliding-folding doors, etc. Some are  quality imports from Europe, many are cheap imports. Bi-folding-sliding doors prices may include installation or may be sold for builders or DIY enthusiasts to undertake fitting themselves.

At SunSeeker Doors, we prefer to offer a full installation service - the job is usually complete inside half a day and we leave the site with a smoothly working set of doors. However, when the recent recession saw home-owners and builders struggling to meet rising costs, we launched our Trade bifolds website to accommodate this market sector.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors
Manufactured in the U.K.
In 2008, we were amongst companies in the UK who considered installing 'glass curtains' for an overseas company who manufacture single glazed enclosures. Realizing the limited potential of this product in the UK - suitable mainly for internal partitions and commercial applications - our engineers set about designing a double-glazed version of frameless glass doors for the UK market.

With double glazing, two parallel panes of glass are joined around the edges using a gasket to maintain a thermal barrier by forming a vacuum between the outside and inside glass. The gasket is narrow but visible at the sides of the glass doors; this is a considerable improvement over standard bifolding doors - about three-quarters of an inch interrupting a panoramic view rather than four inches (or more, with other bifolds).

Our Innovative Frameless Double Glazed
Slide and Pivot opening Patio Doors
The absence of frames posed a challenge in terms of how to hinge the doors - so we didn't. Instead, we designed a system that gently presses the door edges together when closed, making them weather-proof and maintaining insulation values that are higher than required by building regulations. The doors are opened with a slide and pivot motion. The main access door pivots open like most other doors in the home. If further doors are to be opened, each one easily slides across the gap and, in turn, pivots open to rest next to the previous door, and so on. An added feature is to open one door and leave the other doors spaced across the opening for fresh air if access is not required.

To find out more about SunSeeker bi folding doors or frameless glass doors, manufactured in England at our Bedfordshire premises, please visit our website.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Another Fantastic Offer: Save hundreds of £££s on patio doors this month.

SunSeeker Doors have come up with another great deal this summer. Following the success of July's deal for UltraSlim Doors, Frameless double glazed doors are on offer for just two weeks during August.

Example of savings: If your door opening is a standard 2100mm high and 3500mm wide, you will save £809 plus vat - that's just short of £1,000!

The same percentage saving will be applied across all our double glazed Frameless range, therefore the more doors you need, the more money you save.

Also described as glass curtains, panoramic doors or sliding-stacking doors, SunSeeker Frameless patio doors operate on a slide and pivot system, the maximum recommended width of each door is 1 metre.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are manufactured in England, by us, to your exact requirements, delivered and fitted by our experienced team of installers - quickly and cleanly. We have designed, developed and tested our bespoke system since 2008 and we only sell direct, using our own installation teams - no agents, no contractors.

We also manufacture and install Slimline aluminium bi folding-sliding doors (since 2003). All our doors are described in detail on our website,

To take up this offer - click on 'how much will my frameless glass doors cost?' for your no-obligation quotation, today.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Thermally Broken - sounds bad but it's good

Sometimes we forget that industry-standard expressions are not always understood by many of our customers.

This week, we were asked what Thermally Broken Aluminium means and is it a good or bad thing?

Metals are good conductors of hot or cold which, in the case of door frames, is a bad thing because if the sun heats metal on the outside of the door - or worse, if the frost chills the metal outside - the rise or fall in temperature will be felt inside. Aluminium-framed doors would fail to meet thermal insulation requirements.

The way to retain all the good properties of aluminium frames without the unwanted results is to create a break between the aluminium on the outside and the aluminium on the inside. When this is done (by whichever method a manufacturer has developed) it is referred to as "thermally broken".

SunSeeker Doors' aluminium frames are thermally broken ... which is good. Visit our web site for aluminium-framed bi-folding-sliding doors, aluminium-framed slide-and-pivot doors and frameless double-glazed doors.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Swimming Pool Enclosures.

The ultimate in breeze-breakers!

Keep the fabulous views and feeling of spaciousness but cut out the wind chill factor with SunSeeker Doors' Frameless Glass Doors installed as Enclosures. The doors slide open and pivot to stack neatly at the sides of the openings when you want the balmy breeze to waft through.

More photographs are available on on our Frameless Doors page. The SunSeeker Doors range includes Slimline aluminium-framed bifolding doors, UltraSlim-frame slide and pivot patio doors, Frameless Double Glazed Retractable Patio Doors, Frameless Glass Room Dividers and Enclosures.

SunSeeker Doors has been developing innovative glass door systems since 2003. All SunSeeker Doors are manufactured in England - no cheap imports - and are made to measure to your requirements at a remarkably affordable price that includes installation.

Visit the website, read the testimonials, submit a quotation request ...

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Last few days of new for old sale!

If you are considering whether to upgrade your patio doors, make that decision today! The SunSeeker Doors Offer will close at the end of this month... that's just a couple of days away.

You can purchase your Bi Folding Doors direct from the UK manufacturer, including site survey and installation. And, until the end of July, you can choose the latest UltraSlim frame fully retractable patio doors for the same price as standard bifolds.

Act now:

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bifolds & UltraSlim - lets talk sight-lines and price!

To the best of our knowledge, our 38mm sight-lines are the slimmest available for retractable double-glazed doors. This means that when you look through the span of closed doors, there is more glass for your viewing pleasure. 

Both our Frameless double-glazed Doors and SunSeeker UltraSlim have 38mm sightlines. The main difference is that Frameless Glass Doors have a visible opaque gasket around the double glazing n order to seal the vacuum that is fundamental to thermal insulation - and so does UltraSlim! But with UltraSlim, the gasket is covered with powder-coated aluminium, giving the customer a choice of almost 200 colours for their frames.

There is one other MAJOR difference throughout July 2011 ... SunSeeker UltraSlim is being offered for THE SAME PRICE as SunSeeker Slimline bi-folding doors. Slimline has always offered one of the slimmest profiles and frames amongst bi-folding door products.

What are you waiting for? Click here for a quotation!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Slide and Fold or Slide and Turn - which doors do you prefer?

At SunSeeker Doors, we offer fully retractable patio doors and glass room dividers with the option of Slide and Fold or Slide and Turn.

When closed, both types of doors look similar. Folding-sliding or bi-folding doors have wider frames than our Ultra-Slim or Frameless Glass doors which work on the principle of each glass door individually sliding to the end of the guide rail before pivoting at right-angles to rest at the sides of the opening.

An advantage of the individual slide and pivot doors is that spaces can be left anywhere along the opening whereas the bifolds are joined together, enabling limited choice of where they may be left open.

Price-wise, there is not a massive difference between the styles and, until the end of July, there is a special offer:  UltraSlim for the SAME PRICE as bi folds. You can submit a request for an obligation-free comparative quotation of all our innovative doors with one easy form, here: Patio Door Quote Comparison.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Room Dividers are single glazed using tempered 'unbreakable' glass.

Click here for special offer on UltraSlim.

Friday, 8 July 2011


The Offer:
Until 31st July 2011, confirmed orders for SunSeeker UltraSlim will be fully installed for the same price as SunSeeker Slimline traditional bi folding doors.

The Price:
SunSeeker bi folding doors are in the medium price range, often slightly cheaper than doors of similar quality. SunSeeker UltraSlim is a unique product, new to market with no direct comparison.

The Product:
We have developed 19mm aluminium frames on our UltraSlim double glazed retractable glass doors. Tried and tested with a small number of customers, UltraSlim is being fully launched with an introductory offer.

  • Slimmest sight-lines available at 38mm when doors are closed.
  • Fully retractable, Narrow profiles when open.
  • Fully compliant with British standards.
  • British innovation, British design.
  • Manufactured to order in the UK.
  • Made to measure to customers exact specification.
  • Usually created and installed within four weeks of order.
  • Frames available in almost 200 different colours.
  • Glass options and cavity fill options.
  • Optional integral blinds available.
  • Offer open until 31st July - could save you £ hundreds.
  • Slimmest sight-lines 38mm means best available views when closed.
  • Fully retractable doors means best available views when open.
  • Unrestricted access through the opening, up to 7m width.
  • Manufactured to British standards in the UK means no shipping delays.
  • Experienced installation team for a fast and tidy job.
  • Thermal values for new doors mean less wasted energy.
View SunSeeker Doors UltraSlim details, submit an obligation-free quotation request or, if you want to ask the SunSeeker team any questions about their doors or this special offer, call 01582 492730.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Frameless Retractable Patio Doors Gain Rapid Popularity

With almost ten years of manufacturing and installing aluminium framed bi folding doors, we are pleased to note that within two years of product launch, SunSeeker Frameless Double Glazed Patio Doors account for 40 per cent of our overall orders in a year that is up on the previous year's sales.

SunSeeker Doors: Frameless Double Glazed Patio Doors
This year, we introduced another product to our portfolio - UltraSlim, Retractable Patio Doors. Similar to Frameless but with the option of a slim 19mm aluminium frame around each glazed panel in any RAL colour of your choice, giving a remarkably slim 38mm slightline.
NEW! SunSeeker Doors: UltraSlim Retractable Patio Doors
A single glazed tempered glass fully retractable Frameless Room Divider is available for areas that are not subject to thermal compliance, such as dividing a room.
SunSeeker Doors: Frameless Glass Room Dividers
You can view all our innovative door products and submit a no-obligation quote request at our web site,

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Client Testimonial for RAL-colour aluminium framed bi-folding doors

"Just to let you know the installation went off very smoothly and the installers did a quick and wonderful job. Very pleased with service from Sunseekers. Well done guys!

P.S. The colour was spot on as well!"

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bi Folding Doors that don't actually fold = less frame and more glass!

click to see technical drawings
Having spent eight years perfecting Slimline aluminium bi folds, innovative door manufacturer, SunSeeker Doors, recently spent two years designing and honing both Frameless and Ultra-Slim versions of the bifolding (or folding-sliding) doors 'offspring' without hinges - so they don't actually fold! The doors pivot individually to parallel-stack at the end of the guides.

The new, contemporary patio doors look similar to bi folding doors when they are open or closed but the difference is obvious when they are half way between the two.

Traditional folding-sliding doors, like SunSeeker Slimline, open and close with a zig-zag concertina movement, pairs of doors are hinged at one side with the other sides sliding along grooves.

The new doors were designed to feature more glass by reducing or removing the side frames, facilitating a superior view when the doors are closed. Without a decent chunk of frame on which to attach sturdy hinges, SunSeeker Doors had to develop a method of retaining the thermal values of the doors, in order to meet British standards; the edges of the doors had to fit together snugly without gaps. This was achieved, in fact, with slightly higher insulation qualities than the original bifolds.

Main Features & Benefits:
  • less metal, more glass for a better viewing area
  • improved insulation for greener living
Other Advantages:
  • Frameless Glass Doors ends the dilemma of wood v pvc v aluminium frames
  • Ultra-Slim aluminium frames (available in over 100 colours choices) enable integral blinds to be fitted
  • No hinges means that doors can be spaced across the opening for better 'breeze control' and, let's face it, this looks seriously cool with a massive WoW factor!
Finally, Price ... just a little more than traditional folding-sliding doors. Submit just one form for an obligation-free quotation on all three patio door styles.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Recurring Question: Aluminium, PVC or Timber Frames for your Patio Doors?

Often, it's a question of matching existing window frames but today's finishes can simulate natural or painted wood.

Aluminium frames are strongest, usually slimmest and available in well over 100 different colours - including a match for white pvc frames; PVC frames are available in wood-effect and can be the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Timber frames prices vary and the main reasons they are chosen despite higher maintenance issues is because wood can look good and because aluminium or pvc frames are not expected to match existing wooden frames on windows and doors.

There are many articles on the Internet and in magazines discussing this dilemma but even those written within the past year rarely include the alternative option - state-of-the-art FRAME-LESS patio doors. Only two manufacturers offer double-glazed FULLY RETRACTABLE patio doors that are thermally compliant with UK building regulations.

Compare SunSeeker Bi Folding, Frameless and UtraSlim frames:

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Patio Door Styles and Frames.

SunSeeker Doors offers three styles of double-glazed Patio Doors as well as contemporary French Doors. These are:
Aluminium frames are available in a myriad of colours and it should be noted that frame-less double glazed doors have a visible seal at the sides of each panel.

All SunSeeker double-glazed French Doors and Patio Doors (i.e. Folding-Sliding and Slide-&-Pivot) adhere to British Building Regulations regarding thermal insulation properties.

If you require doors that do not need to be double-glazed - for example, as room dividers or to an orangery, single glazed frameless slide and pivot doors, originally called 'glass curtains' are the ultimate doors for sheer class - and that 'wow' factor!

Look carefully or you won't see the frameless glass curtains!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Shh! New Doors still under wraps (installation pictures available)

Don't tell everyone but SunSeeker Doors is about to unveil their newest concept in patio doors.

Shown here during installation, the UltraSlim aluminium-frame, slide and pivot doors can be seen on the SunSeeker Doors web site - if you know where to look!

SunSeeker UltraSlim is now available to order - request your quote by clicking on made to measure patio doors.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Springtime in Hounslow

This photograph of SunSeeker Doors' Double-Glazed Slide & Swivel patio doors was taken and sent to us by a happy customer who has kindly allowed us to feature it. Please click on the image for a larger view. Visit for more photographs of all door types:

Monday, 28 February 2011

A sneak peek at our next innovative door-set

We can only say .... 
Watch This Space for our next product announcement!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Types of Patio Doors.

These are bi folding patio doors. Also called folding-sliding doors, they are hinged together, concertina style. Basically, doors either pivot - as in French Doors - or they can slide ...
or both.

Fixed panel sliding doors have to remain within the top and bottom guides, restricting the access through the aperture, but SunSeeker Doors' Frameless Glass Doors slide along the guides then each can pivot to make the entire aperture accessible.

Take a look at our patio doors, glass curtains and room dividers on the SunSeeker Doors website.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Problems that aren't really there with Frameless glass doors.

A potential customer was delighted that we could help her with a perceived problem.

As can be seen in the photograph, Frameless glass doors do not have to be fitted within the aperture of an opening, therefore if there is an arch or an inconsistent height from left to right, your terrace can still be enclosed.

This applies equally to the opening between house and orangery or sun room - or for room dividers that can be guided from the ceiling.

We have installed a number of single glazed frameless glass curtains this way. It may not always be possible with double-glazed frameless patio doors but why not call SunSeeker's experts and discuss?

01582 492 730 for Slimline Bifolds or Frameless Glass Doors, room dividers and folding patio doors

Friday, 14 January 2011

SunSeeker opens its Doors to Trade supply. Launch of new website

Press Release: 14 January 2011
Luton, Bedfordshire: SunSeeker Doors, renowned for its Bi Folding Doors System since 2003, has today launched a new service to supply made-to-measure bi folds direct to builders who want to install the doors to their own customers.

SunSeeker Doors had previously resisted requests to provide door sets only, in case poor installation by third parties might damage the reputation that SunSeeker has spent years building. However, the bi folding doors have been engineered to a point where installation is straightforward and the British-made aluminium folding-sliding door sets have proven to be robust.

Having remained buoyant throughout the recession with its keen pricing and value-for-money quality, the company has recently reviewed its strategy for going forward. Manufacturing can handle additional capacity, resulting in the launch of SunSeeker Trade Bifolds.

Additionally, a brand new innovative Frame-less 'glass curtain' door system was introduced in 2009, enabling a clearly uninterrupted view between rooms or a conservatory. This was followed, a year ago, by the launch of a double-glazed version marketed simply as Frameless Glass Doors, developed and manufactured in the U.K..

Frameless Glass Doors look similar to bi folding doors but with more glass and less of everything else, making them a far more attractive addition to the home. Building regulations for thermal insulation properties mean that the double glazing is sealed by a narrow but visible gasket. Comparing the view through Frameless Glass Doors with the view through SunSeeker aluminium framed bifolds and typical pvc frames, the area of interrupted view at the side edge of each door is 19mm, 60mm and typically 100mm, respectively.

More information about SunSeeker Doors products can be found on For trade-only supply, please visit

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Our First Customer Testimonial for Frameless Double Glazed Doors

I just wanted to say how wonderful the doors are and how well they were fitted - no damage to our decoration and no mess.
It's a joy to view our winter wonderland in panoramic view.
Thank you."
RR, Hounslow, 20/12/2010

Friday, 7 January 2011

Express Bi Folding Door Service and Frameless Glass Curtains from the Innovative Door Technology Company, SunSeeker Doors

Super-fast delivery and installation for:
  • Bi-Folds with standard white frames and K Glass
  • FRAMELESS glass room dividers / enclosures
Our tailored-to-fit bi folds are made to measure and, except when seasonal sales are at their peak, our delivery and installation turnaround time for SunSeeker bi folding doors is often only a month from initial order for popular frame colours. Special colours, special glass and integral blinds will take a little longer.
However, if you don't want to wait, we can offer you our Express Bifolding Doors service - Slim profile bifolds with white powder-coated aluminium frames and toughened K Glass(tm) - manufactured to your individual size requirements and installed in days! Just enter "Express Service" in the "other specifications/requirements" box when you fill in the Quote Request Form. Or call us for a price.
Our Express service also applies to Frameless Glass Curtains - single-glazed doors without side frames for an uninterrupted view - for internal room dividers, pool rooms, out-buildings and external enclosures.