Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sightline Doors for Clear Blue Skies and Sunshine

Looking at the beautiful weather today (from inside our cosy office) inspired this post about Sightline Doors' large format glass doors for homes and commercial property with larger-than-average requirements.

These are no ordinary patio doors. This first example, below, is an out-building in the grounds of a country house. The super-size sliding doors are 2.5m high (just over 8ft) by 6 metres wide.

The largest glass leaf format available is 6m x 3m. This means that, even when closed, there are no vertical obstructions for almost 20ft x 10ft for spectacular views. Even better, the doors slide open to enable access for numerous people to walk through, side-by-side, simultaneously!

In the following photograph, the installed doors are taller than average, as can be seen when compared with the internal door.

Sightline Doors' aluminium frames are available in a wide range of RAL colours.

Other features include a gliding wheel system that can withstand 1000kg in weight yet enable the doors to slide effortlessly and a 6 lever anti-bump cylinder with hook-latch locking system to prevent doors lifting as they slide.

Visit the website for further details of 'supersize' Sightline doors, where you can also view the image gallery.