Thursday, 30 May 2013

Frameless Glass Room Divider Doors Installation

How the room looked prior to the installation of SunSeeker Frameless Glass Room Divider Doors:

Advantages of installing Frameless Glass Doors include:
  • wider access between areas 
  • removal of dark elements allows more natural light flow 
  • rooms may be divided for separate heating or to enable separate conversations

The new room divider doors are of tempered "unbreakable" glass and do not have side frames, therefore affording a virtually uninterruptable view through them. The floor guide is recessed so that access is almost seemless between rooms.

Each of the doors is a standard pivot opening door which stacks to the side of the opening, taking up very little space. Open as many as required, as shown in these images:

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Unusual Bifolding Doors & Windows Installation in Hertfordshire

Barn doors on an outbuilding in the Hertfordshire countryside reveal a surprise when opened ... bifolding doors and windows from Luton-based manufacturer/installer, SunSeeker Doors.

Made to order to fit your exact requirements, our bi-folding doors have sturdy aluminum frames, BSI Kite-marked double glazing and a ten-year track record.

Slimline Bifolding doors and our UltraSlim slide-and-turn patio doors are both fully retractable. Their aluminium frames are available in a range of colours.

For interiors, we manufacture a frameless tempered glass door.

Visit our website for full information of available door styles from an established UK door company.