Tuesday, 22 June 2010

hot hot hot - and loving my bifolding doors with blinds!

From a member of our marketing team, working fom home: 

Phew! Finally, a few warm summer days and I have my folding-sliding doors on a south facing lounge. This morning, I kept the doors and the integral blinds closed to keep the room cool as I worked, just stepping through the single opening door when I ventured out to the garden for a small break, now and then.
Eventually, as the intense sun stopped beating down directly on the glass doors, I opened up the whole wall of bi-folds, in one smooth movement, to let the breeze waft in from the garden, carrying with it the fragrance of roses, honeysuckle and the early-bird menu from the local pub.
It was heaven - and I felt compelled to write this before stopping work for the day and enjoying the late afternoon shade on the patio.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bi Folding Doors with Integral Horizontal Blinds = Customer Satisfaction

SunSeeker Doors installed a set of bi folding patio doors with integrated blinds for a customer living north of London almost three years ago...

"We still really like our bifolding doors, so clean-looking and easy to live with plus they feel so sturdy, unlike the pvc doors we have elsewhere. Our decision to order the bifolds with blinds inside the double glazing was the easily the best decision we made, even though it pushed the price up.

"Last week, the cable TV engineer was here and he much admired our doors and blinds; this week, the new window cleaner remarked how impressed he was with them. In both cases, I'm sure they thought I was a sales rep for SunSeeker Doors because I so proudly demonstrated the ease of aluminium frames, dust-free blinds, etc!

"We've had the bifolds since 2007 and we're as pleased with them now as the day they were new. If we ever move, we'll buy them again. I can't imagine why anyone would choose anything else!"

Visit SunSeeker Doors web site to view the photograph gallery of some of our bi folding door installations plus features, benefits, technical details and a no-obligation quotation form.