Friday, 25 October 2013

Traditional Sliding Glass Doors

Our friends at Sightline Doors have taken some photographs of a new installation of Sightline sliding glass doors and the view through the doors. Unfortunately, as often happens, the view is of a building site!

Door companies are always keen to show off their doors in fabulous settings but we need to be invited back by the customer when all the work is finished (and this may not be cost-effective if the site is a half-day round trip) or, sometimes, the customer takes some photographs and sends them to us, for which we are extremely grateful.

So, when looking at these photographs, please look at the doors and ignore the view!

Sightline Doors are traditional sliding glass doors with a difference - each door panel can be as large as 3m by 6m so if you have an exceptional high or wide door requirement, these are the guys to contact. Visit for further details.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Architectural Glass added to Sightline Doors Website

Curved Glass doors and balcony
For home-owners looking for contemporary alternatives to wrought iron railings, wooden fencing, brick or concrete posts around a terrace or balcony, Sightline Doors has a choice of Glass Balustrades with clean lines, with curved glass if required, and Glass 'Juliet' balconies.

If you live in a light-house, converted water tower, medieval castle or other circular building - perhaps an art deco style property - Sightline Doors can arrange to supply and fit thermally compliant double-glazed curved glass doors and toughened glass balustrades to create an additional wow to your already pretty stunning residence.

View their Architectural Glass products then contact Sales on 01582 492 730.