Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How Slim are UltraSlim Door Frames?

When considering door frame widths, remember that when two doors are together, the width is approximately double. For example, a standard frame that is one and a half inches wider than a slim frame will obscure an additional three inches of your potential view through the centre of a pair of doors.

Our client wanted to see more of the lovely view from inside the home (below).

This is a good example, where we have captured the image of the old door and placed it next to the new doors to illustrate the difference in frame widths:

UltraSlim Frames can be seen as pairs that are jointly slimmer than a single frame on the old door.
Some typical sizes of door frames are:
  • SunSeeker UltraSlim 19mm / 38mm pair
  • SunSeeker Slimline 60mm / 120mm pair
  • Aluminium frames, typically 72mm / 144mm pair
  • Typical upvc frame, up to 80mm / 220*mm
    *sometimes, there is an additional post to encase the locking mechanism
The difference between 220mm and 38mm is approximately SEVEN inches!

If you would like a quotation to replace your old patio doors with UltraSlim, call a human on 01582 492 730 or submit the quote request. Thank you.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

EXTRA LARGE Glass Doors: up to 6 metres high or wide per glass door

You can now invite Hagrid into your home - or any other giant - by having Sightline Doors installed.

Sightline glass sliding doors are available in door sizes of up to 6m x 3m which can be fitted as very tall doors or as quite tall very wide doors.

A double glazed unit of such proportions is considerably heavy therefore Sightline Doors use an easy slide gliding wheel system that makes it possible to open and close them without effort. Their narrow 14mm side frames are made from aluminium and available to order in a choice of frame colours: black, white, brown, cream, silver, grey ... to green, blue, golden, sepia, burnt umber, maroon or pink!

Sightline Doors are made to order, in the UK. Architects - contact us to discuss your particular requirements.