Thursday, 18 December 2014

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR Business Opening Dates

Please note that SunSeeker Doors will close for the festive season on Tuesday 23rd December (p.m.) and re-open for business as usual on Monday 5th January, 2015.

Seasons Greetings from SunSeeker Doors

Friday, 21 November 2014

Video Demo of SuperSlim Bi Folding Doors in Action!

Our client has clearly been having a lot of work done, as can be seen from the builders' rubble our installation team encountered on arrival!

However, the bi folding doors fitted perfectly, the super slimline aluminium frames enabling a greater expanse of glass than all other makes of bifolding patio doors, to maximise natural lightflow into the room when the doors are closed. And, of course, when the doors are open, as they are fully retractable for maximum access width.

When the building work is finished and attention turns to the garden, the customer will have a lovely enclosed patio to enjoy next spring. Seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

For more information, visit SuperSlim Bifolds on the SunSeeker Doors website. Or click here to request a quotation.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SuperSlim Bi Folding Doors: Frame Colours and Glass options

A quick guide to choosing bi folding doors for your home.

As you may know, SunSeeker Doors is the only British manufacturer of bi folding patio doors with super-slimline side frames on the folding-sliding doors. Due to our uniquely designed innovative hinge and locking systems, we are able to produce doors with a frame-width of under 2cm (less than 1") compared with most other systems, which start in excess of 6cm (2.5" upwards).

Aluminium frames on UltraSlim from SunSeeker Doors

Two frames together have a sightline of around 4cm. What frame colour would look best in your sightline? The most popular colour is a traditional white, easy to match with existing frames, painted, powder-coated or pvc. There are a number of other neutral tones that have become increasingly popular in recent times. These are: slate grey, graphite grey, anthracite grey, black, silver and cream. Sepia and some shades of greens and blues have also been specified from our full range of around 200 industry standard RAL colours. You can read more about the colour options and link through to the RAL chart from the aluminium frame colours page of the website.

The double-glazing between the frames is generally supplied as K-glass™ British Kite-marked and adhering to the required CE standard. However, for an additional cost, there are options of: laminated, Argon-filled, antisun, tinted, obscured, leaded-light and Georgian bar. We also offer integral horizontal blinds, the most popular being narrow slatted Venetian style in neutral colours, managed by a magnetised pull-rope. The technology has been tried and tested for almost ten years, is reliable and has the added advantage of no dusting or cleaning - ever!

So... before place your order, submit an obligation-free comparative patio door quotation request.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Choosing Between Aluminium UltraSlim or SuperSlim Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Frames - Features & Benefits

SunSeeker Doors has long heralded Slimline Bi Folding Doors based upon the strength of the aluminium door frames. When compared with plastic or timber frames, aluminium frames retain their strength and durability even though they are considerably slimmer, both in profile and sightline.

Other benefits of aluminium frames include the finish. Powder-coating the frames in any of 200-ish colours offers a wider choice over alternative materials. The coating is extremely resiliant and, unless abused, will never require maintenance. No painting, ever. Just an occasional wipe with a damp cloth if, for example, muddy paws or handprints are in evidence.

Aluminium has come a long way in the decades since Crittal window frames were installed! Window and door frames have been developed to comply to EU and British standard thermal ratings. Thermally-broken aluminium frames mean that heat and cold cannot easily pass through from inside to outside or vice versa.

Retractable Doors - Features and Benefits

SunSeeker Doors manufactures a range of retractable patio doors. These are doors that fully open up for maximum walk-through width. The most popular style of retractable door that is widely available is the bi folding door. Bi-folds are also known as concertina, accordian, zig-zag or sliding-folding doors.

SunSeeker Slimline Bifolds have been installed throughout England for a number of years. Made to measure, often within 2-4 weeks, they are often specified by architects whose clients have provided good feedback. Subject to the support above the bi folding doors installation, retractable doors can be used for widths of up to 7metres. They are easy to slide open and closed in seconds. 

With the doors closed, there is a feeling of spaciousness and an abundance of natural light through the expanse of glass. With the doors fully open, the home and garden are seemless living areas.

The newer style of retractable glass door looks similar to bi folding but each door is independent as there are no hinges joining them together. These are slide and turn or slide-pivot doors and the double-glazed versions are fairly unique to SunSeeker Doors. At the time of publication, no other manufacturer is believed to have aluminium-frame slide-pivot retractable doors.

As with Bi folding doors, slide-pivot doors have a standard master door that will pivot open normally. Unlike bifolds, the other doors will slide along the guides towards the open door and each can also pivot open, as many as required.

SunSeeker Doors' slide-pivot systems include Frameless Glass Doors (single glazed doors are not for use as patio doors but ideal retractable room dividers) and UltraSlim, with a 0.19cm side frame per door.

New Super Slimline Bi Folding Doors

The newly launched SuperSlim bi folding door also has a 0.19cm side frame. SunSeeker has invested more than a year of research into developing new locking and hinge systems to reduce the frame width associated with standard bi folding door frames. No other manufacturer is currently able to offer a similar bi fold with only 0.38cm sightline between two closed doors.

Why Choose SunSeeker Slimline Doors for your Property?

There is a wide choice of retractable patio doors with kite-marked double glazing that adhere to EC and British Standards. Some, including SunSeeker Doors, are manufactured in the UK and installed by the company's own team. Once you narrow down the available options of aluminium frames, possibly glass options and integral blinds, there are still a few companies in the mix.

If you want to maximise the glass area by selecting retractable doors with the slimmest sightlines, you need to choose between UltraSlim and SuperSlim.

Which Slimline Doors are Best for You - UltraSlim or SuperSlim?

UltraSlim's individual doors may not be your favourite choice if you have six or more doors to open and close. Other than that, the main decider is where you want the main door to open and which side you want the doors to stack.

The difference is illustrated in the image below:

These are 3-door systems with the main door on the left as you face the doors from inside the room. With bi folding doors, you them slide all doors from the left to stack on the right. With individual slide-pivot doors, each door slides towards the left for turning and stacking on the left.

Although, another nice touch with slide and turn doors is that you can open the first door and slide the next door across to keep a single width central opening or slide both doors to the left, without turning them, to have the walk-through space on the right.

Visit for a video demonstration of the versatility of UltraSlim slide-pivot doors.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Bristol Architect specifies SunSeeker Doors - Again!


Mark, an architect based in the Bristol area, has specified SunSeeker Doors for his clients' projects for more than five years.

"Many thanks for the excellent doors and windows. They look great and the client loves them."

No other UK door manufacturer has the range of contemporary bi folding and sliding door styles offered by SunSeeker Doors. No other UK door manufacturer can offer bi folding doors with 2cm aluminium side frames.

SunSeeker Slimline Doors range comprises:
The company had its origins in powder-coating aluminium for its client base and began designing and manufacturing aluminium-framed innovative doors more than ten years ago. SunSeeker Slimline aluminium bifolding doors became popular during the 'noughties' enabling the company to invest and develop new door technology. Single-glazed Frameless Glass doors were introduced as room dividers and external enclosures whilst the technology was applied to double-glazed doors. SunSeeker Frameless double-glazed doors were the first of their kind to be certified to British Standards.

SunSeeker Doors built on this technology to introduce UltraSlim doors, their best selling product over the past two years. During this time, the team began working towards development of SuperSlim bi folding doors, which 'hinged' on the radical re-design of the way bi-folding doors were hinged together!

SuperSlim bi folds look very similar to UltraSlim sliding-pivot doors. Both are fully retractable and available with the same frame colour choice, glass options and integral blinds. There is an illustrated explanation of the way the doors operate differently, to help customers choose the better door style for their specific installation, together with comparative photographs of the doors. Visit SUPERSLIM v ULTRASLIM.

UltraSlim doors with 19mm aluminium frames

Link to more Testimonials for SunSeeker Doors.

Friday, 15 August 2014

London Architect Recommends SunSeeker Doors


Apologies for not sending this email sooner but thought I should just drop you a quick note to say how happy I am with the doors you manufactured. The fitters were also very good.

FYI I have also recommended you to some friends (Chris and Rita) who may contact you shortly.



SunSeeker Doors have been manufacturing traditional bifolding doors for a number of years. Now they are leading the way with their new doors UltraSlim and SuperSlim with sightlines of only 0.38 centimetres.

Find out which door is best to install in your home: UltraSlim vs SuperSlim Bi Folding Doors.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

"our doors and windows.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!"


Sent: 25 July 2014 22:24
To: SALES at Sunseeker Doors

Just to let you know - our doors and windows were installed today and they look.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

We are totally thrilled!

Thank you - its been a pleasure dealing with you.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Preview: Revolutionary New 2cm Bi Folding Door

SunSeeker Doors Slimline SuperSlim 2cm BiFolding Door

SunSeeker Doors has been developing and manufacturing innovative patio doors for more than ten years. We are the only manufacturer to offer a range of Retractable Slimline Doors made in England, that include Slimline aluminium bi folding, UltraSlim slide and turn and Double-Glazed Frameless Doors.

The new Bi Folding Door is truly revolutionary, with side frames of less than 2 cm. There is no other bi folding door* available today that has such a SuperSlim frame.

It is entirely due to our revolutionary fork-hinge system, designed in-house, which enables the doors to zig-zag as they are opened.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for further details as we launch our latest fantastic bi-folds!

*to our knowledge - and we searched extensively!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

No Testimonial. Stunning UltraSlim Doors Installation

A customer sent us an email full of praise for our service and our doors but, as he is quite well-known, he declined permission for us to use his testimonial publicly. Instead, we have decided to show some photographs of another job - one of our first UltraSlim doors customers.

These photographs were taken during an installation on the south coast. You can see that we needed to use scaffolding! The client has a set of 8 UltraSlim doors in green, with master doors at each end (pic.1) and a great view from an elevated position, especially when all doors are pushed open (pic.2). You can click on the image to enlarge it for a better view.

Click to link to more information about SunSeeker Doors UltraSlim.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Comparing Different Styles of Glazed Patio Doors

French Doors vs in-Line Sliding vs Bi Folding vs Slide-And-Turn Patio Doors

With the introduction of Slide and Turn Patio Doors in 2010, there are now four basic options to choose from when upgrading your home

French Doors.
For centuries, French Doors were the default wider access doors for access to private gardens, accommodating openings from approximately four feet to six feet wide. Originally constructed from wood with glass panes, they consist of a pair of hinged panels that meet in the centre of the opening. Now also available in a choice of pvc, aluminium or composite frames, French doors are still popular today, particularly for smaller new-build homes.

Sliding Doors.
In-line sliding doors became popular about fifty years ago. The main advantage was the additional width of the glass panels for viewing out and for allowing natural sunlight in. There is generally no additional access benefit as one panel slides behind the other on a two-door system; three glass panes on three tracks would afford greater access. Occasionally, sliding glass would be installed as 'pocket doors' that could slide inside the cavity walls. Over the decades, there have been numerous improvements, from single to double glazing and to the quality of the sliding track gear. It is now possible to install sliding doors with glazed panels of up to six metre widths.

Bi Folding Doors.
Around the turn of the century, home-owners became interested in bi folding doors, also known as sliding-folding, concertina or accordion doors, to describe the zig-zag folds. Primarily, patio bi folds comprise a set of double-glazed doors with timber, metal, plastic or composite frames onto which hinges are mounted to facilitate a folding action as the panels slide along the top and bottom guide rails. Bi folding doors have grown in popularity during the past ten years as more people have replaced old sliding patio doors or built new extensions with almost full walls of glass, as six or seven metres of bi folds can easily be incorporated.

Almost the whole width of the installed door-set can provide walk-through access as the bi folds are fully retractable. Panoramic views are better with slimmer aluminium frames than with clumsy-looking pvc as there is more glass and less frame. Aluminium frames are also available in more colours as they can be powder-coated in white, grey, black, silver, blue, green, sepia or over a hundred other options.

Slide-and-Turn Doors.
Most recently, a newer innovation in retractable doors was launched. At the time of writing, only two or three British companies manufacture and install slide-and-turn or slide-and-pivot doors, as others are still in development. Slide-and-Turn doors are a hybrid of sliding, pivot and bi folding doors.

All the doors in the set are able to pivot and will also slide along top and floor guides; like bi folds, they are fully retractable for maximum width access. One of the features of the slide-and-turn system is that there are no hinges necessary for folding the doors which means that the width and strength required of the side frames can be minimised. The benefits of less frame and more glass are: increased natural light and wider views between the slim frames.

Slide-and-turn doors do not necessarily need frames; there are frameless versions available but double glazed units have a thermal seal around the cavity, which can look 'ugly' and the frames will cover it. This style of door is installed with at least one conventional pivot door that may be opened inwards or outwards by ninety degrees (at right-angles to the closed position), leaving a space into which the adjacent door can slide so that the opening is further along the track. Alternatively, the second door can then be opened alongside the first door, leaving a two-door gap, and so on, until all the doors have been opened or spaced as required.

British door manufacturer, SunSeeker Doors, were one of the first companies to develop the double-glazed slide-and-turn door. In the four years since its launch, annual sales of UltraSlim patio doors have overtaken annual sales of their standard bi folding door, introduced over ten years ago. Product details and image galleries on

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Don't Dismiss Bi Folding / Patio Doors for Your Period Home

Bi Folding Doors with Aluminium Frames and Georgian style Glass option
Some people might dismiss the practical benefits of aluminium bi folding patio doors because they feel that the modern styling is not in keeping with existing windows and doors to their home. Instead, they feel that traditional French Doors with timber frames might provide the only answer. Sometimes, there are other alternatives...

The Versatility of Aluminium Frames

Aluminium frames are available in a number of colours and finishes therefore if you need to replace 50s crittal windows or blend in with pvc frames, there is a solution. If your white-washed cottage has black painted window frames (or other colours) then black powder-coated frames may be the ideal choice - with the added benefit that, unlike painting timber frames, the aluminium will require only an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking good.

Glass Options for Bi Folding / Patio Doors

The double-glazing in bi folding patio doors can have diamond-shaped leaded-light panes to blend with windows in an old picturesque cottage, square leaded glass for a Georgian house or bars for an Art Deco style home.

If the period of your home happens to be more contemporary, glass options include tinted and obscured glass; frames can be green, blue, copper, graphite or virtually any colour - there is a choice of almost 200 RAL colours available.

Bi Folding Doors or Ultra Slim?

Depending on the property and the lifestyle of its owners, there is another alternative: UltraSlim frame patio door. The same glass options are available, including integral slatted blinds, and the 19mm side frames facilitate a wider viewing area through the glass.

More information about bi folding doors, UltraSlim and frameless glass doors can be found on the SunSeeker Doors website.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Clear Glass Divider Doors for Offices

Retain a spacious, open-plan feel to contemporary office space by using Frameless Glass Door partitions to separate the conference room, visitor's lounge or kitchen area. SunSeeker Doors installed retractable clear glass room dividers, comprising two sets of 10mm single glazed door systems in South East London, as can be seen in these images.

Clear Glass Office Dividers

Retractable Glass Door System

SunSeeker Doors specialises in designing and manufacturing retractable glazed door systems in the UK. Slimline aluminium bi folding doors and UltraSlim retractable patio doors are also available.

Visit for further information.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Fabulous views enhanced by our UltraSlim Doors

We were delighted to install a range of our UltraSlim sliding retractable doors and fixed panels at such a stunning location. The project included doors on an out-building as well as the impressive stone, timber and glass extension.

Across the end wall of the extension, a set of six fully retractable, slide-and-turn patio doors was installed, plus fixed glazed panels between timber uprights in the side walls, from the SunSeeker UltraSlim doors range. The double glazing is set in slim side frames, available in almost 200 colours. Each of the UltraSlim doors can slide along the guide rails and pivot in or outwards to suit, for maximum access between indoors and outside.

Photographs of this and other UltraSlim door installations are also shown on our website, where you will also find a video demonstation of slide-and-turn doors and details of all SunSeeker Doors.

Monday, 3 March 2014

SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors at Caffè Nero

2014, Lymington: the popular Caffè Nero had one drawback - customers always clamoured for seats by the large front windows because it was rather dark and gloomy near the back. No longer!

The rear of Caffè Nero in Lymington's High Street now has an expanse of fully openable patio doors with ultraslim frames, installed by SunSeeker Doors.

The doors are fully retractable for walking outside to the terrace or one door can be used normally if it's too cold to leave them all open all of the time.

There are other options, too. Any number of the doors may be opened and stacked at the side; any remaining doors can slide along the guides to be positioned wherever is most convenient.

There are more images of the Caffè Nero installation in our UltraSlim Doors gallery plus illustrations of the doors positioned along the opening, including a video demonstration of slide and turn doors.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Open Plan Style Home featuring Glass Doors

Spacious and contemporary, open plan rooms are light and bright, offering freedom of movement and long lines of sight. Sometimes, there is nothing better...

Just occasionally, though, don't you wish you could have a conversation without raising your voice over the dishwasher or the kids?

Compromising your style isn't the answer. Frameless glass room divider doors are the answer. A wall of transparency that could dull the sound without cramping your style. Sliding-stacking doors that can be pushed to the far edges of the room when they are not required to divide the air.

frameless glass door room dividers

View frameless glass doors on our website, imagine them in your home and get a quote for glass doors.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Aluminium Bi Fold Doors: Competitive Pricing

We are genuinely delighted to announce that 2013 was OUR THIRD SUCCESSIVE RECORD YEAR at SunSeeker Doors. We have installed more Slimline bi folding doors and UltraSlim patio doors than ever before.

UltraSlim is a different kind of door. It is a set of sliding patio doors that pivot and stack to the side of the opening, enabling maximum access through when fully open - like bi folds but without the hinges. The advantage of UltraSlim is the slimmer side frames for fewer interruptions across your viewing expanse.

Our Slimline bi folds prices have remained competitive despite a rise in the cost of metal, as we negotiated our pricing well in advance. This has been a considerable factor in managing our costs and maintaining our prices during 2012/2013. We are pleased to announce that this will continue for most of this year, too.

At SunSeekerDoors, we use innovative technology to design our own doors and manufacture them here in Britain. We use our own installation teams to ensure that each customer has the same standard of expertise, rather than risk your project and our reputation with unknown contractors. We only sell direct to our clients - you won't find SunSeeker Doors in dealers' showrooms. This means that we don't have to inflate our prices to pay the middle-man. A win-win situation for ourselves and our customers.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and submit a quote request for Slimline bifolds and UltraSlim retractable sliding doors, then decide which one is best for your home.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Testimonial "impressed so far by the product and the service"

Dear Paul

I’d just like to thank Sunseeker Doors on behalf of Simon Ashton. The doors are lovely. We still have to plaster around the inside and point the bricks outside but at the moment everything works well. We’ve been impressed so far by the product and the service.

Yours sincerely

Deb Cass