Friday, 29 November 2013

Bi Folding Doors Security, Locking Options

For security purposes, SunSeeker bi folding doors are generally installed with a locking/unlocking function from inside the home only. More recently, we have been asked if we would provide the option of locking and unlocking the doors from outside, too.

Yes! We are happy to be able to offer external locking as an option when you order your bi folding doors. Just let us know.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Our Made-in-England SunSeeker Doors range

We have been making and supply bi-folding doors since 2003. We are proud of our innovative door products, all of which are fully retractable. We developed them ourselves, manufacture them at our workshop off the M1 motorway and have our own team of fast and efficient trained installers who fit the doors, keeping a tidy site.

The doors (unless frame-less) have powder-coated aluminium frames which we also do in-house. All double-glazed units are kite-marked (EU & British standard) and single glazed Frameless Glass Doors are thick, toughened glass.

There is more information on our website:
Here is a slideshow of a small selection of installations at customer sites:

Friday, 25 October 2013

Traditional Sliding Glass Doors

Our friends at Sightline Doors have taken some photographs of a new installation of Sightline sliding glass doors and the view through the doors. Unfortunately, as often happens, the view is of a building site!

Door companies are always keen to show off their doors in fabulous settings but we need to be invited back by the customer when all the work is finished (and this may not be cost-effective if the site is a half-day round trip) or, sometimes, the customer takes some photographs and sends them to us, for which we are extremely grateful.

So, when looking at these photographs, please look at the doors and ignore the view!

Sightline Doors are traditional sliding glass doors with a difference - each door panel can be as large as 3m by 6m so if you have an exceptional high or wide door requirement, these are the guys to contact. Visit for further details.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Architectural Glass added to Sightline Doors Website

Curved Glass doors and balcony
For home-owners looking for contemporary alternatives to wrought iron railings, wooden fencing, brick or concrete posts around a terrace or balcony, Sightline Doors has a choice of Glass Balustrades with clean lines, with curved glass if required, and Glass 'Juliet' balconies.

If you live in a light-house, converted water tower, medieval castle or other circular building - perhaps an art deco style property - Sightline Doors can arrange to supply and fit thermally compliant double-glazed curved glass doors and toughened glass balustrades to create an additional wow to your already pretty stunning residence.

View their Architectural Glass products then contact Sales on 01582 492 730.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Wide Expanse of Glass Doors for Spacious Contemporary Living

Seven UltraSlim Doors across the back of this lovely home bring a modern, contemporary look and feel, allowing natural light to flood into the room whilst providing a panoramic view from inside.

slide-and-turn retractable patio doors with ultra slim frames, 6m width opening approx

Additionally, UltraSlim slide-and-turn doors are fully retractable, providing approximately six metres of uninterrupted access between house and garden.

Of course, if preferred, only one door need be opened - or as many doors as needed to form a wider access - or the doors may be spaced along the guides with gaps for walking through where required.

Find out how much it will cost to replace your patio doors with the new generation of SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors. Contact us for a quote, today.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How Slim are UltraSlim Door Frames?

When considering door frame widths, remember that when two doors are together, the width is approximately double. For example, a standard frame that is one and a half inches wider than a slim frame will obscure an additional three inches of your potential view through the centre of a pair of doors.

Our client wanted to see more of the lovely view from inside the home (below).

This is a good example, where we have captured the image of the old door and placed it next to the new doors to illustrate the difference in frame widths:

UltraSlim Frames can be seen as pairs that are jointly slimmer than a single frame on the old door.
Some typical sizes of door frames are:
  • SunSeeker UltraSlim 19mm / 38mm pair
  • SunSeeker Slimline 60mm / 120mm pair
  • Aluminium frames, typically 72mm / 144mm pair
  • Typical upvc frame, up to 80mm / 220*mm
    *sometimes, there is an additional post to encase the locking mechanism
The difference between 220mm and 38mm is approximately SEVEN inches!

If you would like a quotation to replace your old patio doors with UltraSlim, call a human on 01582 492 730 or submit the quote request. Thank you.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

EXTRA LARGE Glass Doors: up to 6 metres high or wide per glass door

You can now invite Hagrid into your home - or any other giant - by having Sightline Doors installed.

Sightline glass sliding doors are available in door sizes of up to 6m x 3m which can be fitted as very tall doors or as quite tall very wide doors.

A double glazed unit of such proportions is considerably heavy therefore Sightline Doors use an easy slide gliding wheel system that makes it possible to open and close them without effort. Their narrow 14mm side frames are made from aluminium and available to order in a choice of frame colours: black, white, brown, cream, silver, grey ... to green, blue, golden, sepia, burnt umber, maroon or pink!

Sightline Doors are made to order, in the UK. Architects - contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Spot the SunSeeker

A few weeks ago we decided to customise our company Astra:
SunSeeker Doors liveried vehicle
Frameless double glazed, Bi folding doors, UltraSlim and Frameless Glass Doors are all featured, together with our SunSeeker Doors logo, our main telephone number and our website address,

Let us know if you Spot the SunSeeker man in a van!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Recent Feedback from our Customers

9/6/2013, from Terry: "...please find attached images of the installation you did in Bolton. Everyone is really happy and the fitting team did a first class job..."

17/6/2013, from Paul: "I thought I would just email you regarding our recent experience with Tony Hall who represents your company.
My wife and I have driven poor Tony mad with trying to make up our minds regarding what doors to have at our property.
Tony has been superb from the start and incredibly knowledgable, patient and helpful there has been no pressure on his part.
We have now paid a deposit and are very much looking forward to the installation of our new windows which I am sure will enhance our amazing view.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony and Sunseeker Windows."

20/6/2013, from Rhys: "Just a quick note to say thanks for the quick response from your guys last week to our broken lock.
It really helped that they came out so promptly.
Many thanks"

26/6/2013, from Christine: "...I cannot tell you what a nice man you fitter is. He was polite, helpful, and tidy. You have restored my faith in the human race."

Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Regulations for Double-Glazed Doors and Windows: CE Marking.

We’ve all seen the CE mark on various products over the years, e.g. toys and drinking glasses. From 1st July 2013, the CE mark applies to construction products, including glazed external doors and windows.

The performance standard differentiates between replacement doors and doors for new buildings including extensions. New-build doors must achieve an overall rating of 2 watts per square whereas replacement doors have to achieve a U-value of 1.8 overall.

Manufacturers of glazed external doors will be required to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) that accepts responsibility to ensure that the door or window conforms to the declared performance. A DoP must list all the ‘Essential Requirements’ which includes the U-value and conformance to relevant Building Regulations.

The DoP must also contain other information, including the intended use or uses for the windows or doors, e.g. whether for pedestrian use, external, domestic or commercial locations. EU manufacturers must add a CE mark to all glazed doors and windows and imports must have a DoP - the Trading Standards Authority is charged with ensuring conformity with the new directive.

All double-glazed SunSeeker Doors have been tested for compliance and have all achieved the required 1.8 U-value necessary for replacement doors, giving home-owners a choice of chic Frameless or UltraSlim slide-and-turn doors or Slimline aluminium bi folds in place of old patio doors. All our double-glazed units are Kite-marked, too.

SunSeeker Slimline Bi folding Doors have been rated at 2, which also makes them the ideal choice for new extensions and new homes.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Frameless Glass Room Divider Doors Installation

How the room looked prior to the installation of SunSeeker Frameless Glass Room Divider Doors:

Advantages of installing Frameless Glass Doors include:
  • wider access between areas 
  • removal of dark elements allows more natural light flow 
  • rooms may be divided for separate heating or to enable separate conversations

The new room divider doors are of tempered "unbreakable" glass and do not have side frames, therefore affording a virtually uninterruptable view through them. The floor guide is recessed so that access is almost seemless between rooms.

Each of the doors is a standard pivot opening door which stacks to the side of the opening, taking up very little space. Open as many as required, as shown in these images:

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Unusual Bifolding Doors & Windows Installation in Hertfordshire

Barn doors on an outbuilding in the Hertfordshire countryside reveal a surprise when opened ... bifolding doors and windows from Luton-based manufacturer/installer, SunSeeker Doors.

Made to order to fit your exact requirements, our bi-folding doors have sturdy aluminum frames, BSI Kite-marked double glazing and a ten-year track record.

Slimline Bifolding doors and our UltraSlim slide-and-turn patio doors are both fully retractable. Their aluminium frames are available in a range of colours.

For interiors, we manufacture a frameless tempered glass door.

Visit our website for full information of available door styles from an established UK door company.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Slimline & UltraSlim Doors Sales and Installations

Owners of SunSeeker Bi Folding Doors benefit from our 10 years of development which has been carried through to our newer, innovative, retractable sliding doors products, UltraSlim and Frameless Glass Doors.

Despite the recession, our dedicated, hard-working team and many of our satisfied customers have helped to spread the word about our good quality, value-for-investment doors. Business has been steadily rising year-on-year and, so far, 2013 is no exception.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this possible.

A family run business based in Bedfordshire near the M1, SunSeeker Doors is a British manufacturer of aluminium framed bifolds and slide-pivot retractable doors.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Optional Extras with UltraSlim Doors

If you love glass but sometimes need privacy - or if you love the sun but occasionally it's too bright, we can supply UltraSlim doors with integral horizontal blinds, encapsulated within the double glazing cavity.

The blinds are worked by a magnetic 'pull' that attaches to the top of the doors, keeping the mechanism safe from over-zealous tugging - and the blinds NEVER NEED DUSTING!

Here is another UltraSlim door installation with 'wow' power - the horizontal bar detail was added to complement the style of the home. We think it looks stunning!

Fit the original and best slide-pivot doors: SunSeeker UltraSlim. Use our quote request form.

Monday, 4 March 2013

UltraSlim Doors for 10% more than Bi Folds

Our Slimline Bi Folding Door frames, at around 71mm (2¾") and with narrow profiles, has always been a market leader of contemporary doors but UltraSlim Door frames are 19mm (about ¾") at each side of each double glazed door, available in over 100 colour choices: white, black, silver, green, blue, sepia, grey and more.

Shown here is an 8-door UltraSlim Doors installation in a new extension, which has a viewing width in excess of 6.2m (approx 20ft) of glass interrupted by less than 27cm (under 11") of vertical frame. When all the doors are opened, there will be in excess of 6m of continuous access space between the house and patio, just like bifolds.

Unlike Bi Folding doors, UltraSlim door frames do not have hinges fitted, enabling us to reduce the frame width. The door on the right of the image will open just like a regular pivot door. Other doors are then able to slide along the guides to be positioned as required. To open more than one door, slide the nearest door towards the first (open) door and it will then pivot open in the same way. Repeat for as many doors as you require to open. You can have a pivot door at each end, if preferred.

Launched a couple of years ago, UltraSlim has rapidly become our best selling door and now we are able to offer this innovative product, made to measure and fully installed, for only 10% more than the price of our bifolds (compare door prices here).

Friday, 22 February 2013

Sightline Extra Large Glass Doors

Recently, Sightline Doors was launched to bring Extra Large Glass sliding doors to householders and owners of commercial premises who require large leaf glass doors. Each glass door has a maximum dimension of 3m x 6m, for extra wide or extra tall entrances.

extra wide sliding glass doors
There are two extra wide doors on this building. Either door may be opened with ease, creating ample room for people to pass through, several at a time! With the doors closed, there is a very slim sight-line as the side frames have only a 14mm width.

extra tall sliding glass doorsBy contrast, the longer side of the glass  has been used to create height for the doors on this building - compare the height of the glass doors with the doors in the office wall inside.

Sightline extra large glass doors are available from SunSeeker Doors. We also install Slimline bifolds and UltraSlim glass doors.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"Glass Curtains" = Frameless Glass Doors = Happiness

Thank you to all our clients who take the time to give us feedback - especially when it's like this!

firstly may I say you have a fantastic product in your glass curtains, you installed a four door system for us last year , and your company were excellent from first order to installation, 

secondly our decorator scratched the glass on all four doors and we ordered replacements from you,which have been installed today, and as before very well indeed. 

thirdly I would like to congratulate sunseekers on a very professional service from start to finish, 

fourthly I would like you to convey my sincerist thanks to marja who has helped us with quotes, problems , ordering and installation times/dates she is a true credit to your company along with your installers. 

and lastly I would recommend sunseekers to anybody."

Maybe we should change our logo:
Happy SunSeeker
We also like to receive any photographs of SunSeeker Doors installations from our customers.

Friday, 18 January 2013

A Warm Home in the Winter

This is not your usual "replace all windows and doors with double glazing" sales talk - we only manufacture glass doors (and not for front entrance doors, either). However, one of our clients who has our bi folding patio doors, told us that they really make the room warm whenever there is a glimpse of sunshine yet they are not cold to touch, even when it's cold outside ... and she likes the view through the bi folding doors.

As it's snowing today, we thought we'd pass it on. SunSeeker bi folding doors are made with thermally-broken aluminium frames and kite marked double glazing units; they exceed British standards for thermal values. SunSeeker bi folds can be installed between your home and conservatory, garden or balcony.

These clients have great views:

We manufacture all our doors in the UK and can often install in under four weeks. Feel free to browse our website and compare all our glass doors

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Launch of Sightline Doors

Hello to 2013 and all our readers! We are leaping into the new year with exciting news - the launch of Sightline Doors - extra large leaf glass sliding doors to meet exceptional demands for homes and commercial property.

Sightline Doors are made in the UK to the highest standards. Each door can be as large as 3 metres by 6 metres with narrow sight lines of only 14mm yet Sightline glass doors will slide effortlessly to open or close.

The range of SunSeeker Doors - UltraSlim, Frameless and Slimline bi folding doors - are also featured on the Sightline Doors website. View the ultimate range of glass doors, now!