Thursday, 24 May 2012

Feeling Hot Hot Hot? Throw Open Those Bifolds!

The long awaited warm weather has finally arrived and those of us lucky enough to already have bi folding doors installed took about 9* seconds to push them wide open. Bliss!

Well, 9 seconds for a standard set of 3 doors; more doors might go over 10 seconds. In fact, other makes of doors could take longer to open but SunSeeker bi folding doors are definitely of the easy glide variety, as long as the floor guide is kept free of grit and debris.

SunSeeker bi folding doors have aluminium frames, thermally broken for good insulation and powder coated to look great in whatever RAL colour you choose. SunSeeker bifolding doors are well balanced so that opening and closing requires minimal strength and no unnecessary force is placed on the hinges. Our installation teams are experienced in measuring and installing our bifolds therefore they will fit perfectly and operate smoothly from day one.

Manufactured by us, in England, to fit your exact requirements. Our prices are competitive and our quality is excellent. Why go for cheaper and why pay more? Submit your no-obligation quotation request today - your doors could be installed before mid-summer!

*accurately timed prior to writing the blog

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Extending your Living area with Glass Doors

The great British weather! It's rained for such a long time now that it's hard to remember a day when you'd want to install bi folding doors to "bring the outdoors indoors". There have been few occasions during April and May (so far) that doors to the garden or terrace have been opened for a short venture outside - we're guessing that anyone with folding-sliding doors hasn't fully retracted them lately!

But the optimists are looking forward to the summer - the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Wimbledon, the Olympics and much more. If it turns out to be a brilliantly warm summer, you need to make the best of it. Install bi folding or slide-and-pivot retractable doors so that your indoor-outdoor activities are seamless.

Quotes available now for SunSeeker retractable doors.