Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Commercial applications for SunSeeker Doors

In this article about bifolding and frameless glass doors for commercial properties, the benefits of aluminium for bi folding door frames and types of glass for frameless glass doors are considered.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Bifolding Doors and Blinds - discussion on MumsNet

Q: Anyone got those bi-folding doors- what do you do about blinds?

Our thanks to one of our customers who provided this response:

"I've been through all this three years ago!

We didn't choose wooden doors for the reason given above (we'd had wooden in our previous house) so we compared pvc with aluminium and there was no comparison! Aluminium won hands down in all areas except price.

The frames are stronger and much narrower so that you are looking through the glass rather than at an ugly plastic frame, and they come in a range of colours (in the end we played safe and opted for white).

Following a demonstration of doors and blinds at a SunSeeker Doors installation, we felt confident enough to spend the extra on integral blinds inside the glass. They come with a guarantee but because there is no strain placed on the blinds' mechanism when it is being opened, closed, etc., there's little chance of it going wrong.

That was three years ago and (touch wood - oh no, I can't, I opted for metal!) the blinds have worked perfectly and we have had absolutely no problems sliding and folding the doors.

I don't like curtains and all the vertical blinds we've ever had have gone wrong so every window has slatted venetians but only the bifolding doors have them inside and all the other blinds in the house are dusty! (and a couple of them have gone wonky with boys - includes husband - tugging at them but this isn't a problem with the integral blinds).

I don't know which area you live but it might be worth checking as I can recommend them. They measure up and manufacture to order, in England, so they can install quite quickly too (this service is in the price).

I hope that helps." 

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Friday, 12 March 2010

Extracts from a customers blog ...

January 2008. Having built the outer shell, it was time to knock down the original load-bearing back wall of the house. At this stage we are wondering why we decided to do this ...

First, the lounge was reduced from
12 x 14 to 12 x 10 by the erection of a plywood wall to keep some warmth in and some dirt out, meaning that the family living room was cramped with 3 sofas, a TV and no windows. The photograph shows the ply wall, also artily reflected in the mirror. (Can you see the green-brown carpet? Leafy-swirly survivor from the '70s!) Oh, and those plants didn't survive.

Little jobs got done:
the utility room was built, which provided a mini-kitchen so that the actual kitchen could be gutted, and the downstairs loo was moved in order to accommodate this - accordingly, the upstairs facilities were working. The oppressive ply wall came down and our living area moved south into the new extension. Larger, lighter and brighter: oh joy! This enabled the ceiling and walls ...

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Low Cill / Threshhold with Aluminium Bifolds


When comparing bi folding sliding patio doors and room dividers, consider whether the bottom runner for the doors enables easy access for people and objects as they move between rooms, the conservatory or the garden.

SunSeeker Doors' use of aluminium makes low cills our standard for bifolding doors installation, including (as shown above) the weather cill for bifolding patio doors.

SunSeekers Doors are manufactured in England so we are well aware of the nuances of English weather - wet, cold and occasionally hot. Our bifolding doors are a match for the English climate and the insulation qualities of our thermally-broken aluminium frames are excellent.

Spring has arrived - time to think ahead about your plans for this summer. Take a look at our web site and contact us for a quotation for your folding sliding doors ... and enjoy the great outdoors with a single step across a SunSeeker Doors low cill.