Friday, 5 September 2008

Old, New, Green, Blue ...

Making your choices.

Taking advantage of natural light: the best ways of bringing light into a room is to create a glass wall, a sun-room extension or a conservatory that is warm – or cool – enough to use all year round. Insulation and ventilation are important factors.

SunSeeker bifolding doors are supplied with Pilkington "K" (or Low E) glass as standard - one side of the glass has a low emission (Low E) coating. Almost indistinguishable from clear glass, a microscopic metal coating allows light to filter through and reflects heat away – keeping hot sun outside and central heating inside. Additionally, the coating helps reduce condensation because the glass temperature is not so cold on contact. Pilkington K Glass is a leading brand of Low E glass that can provide up to 30% better insulation than double-glazing that uses ordinary clear glass.

Argon filled double-glazing has superior insulation qualities – about as good as solid walls when used with K glass – an option that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Classy Glass is Practical.

You can choose anti-sun/ tinted glass for south facing expanses of folding doors. In addition to its heat-reflecting properties, the hint of bronze, grey, green or blue can look very attractive from inside and outside.

Or, if you want to benefit from natural light and keep your privacy - perhaps between rooms - obscured glass could be the answer … a kitchen with an open view to a conservatory/ dining room is perfect when hosting a dinner party and conversing with guests yet even more perfect when the doors are pulled closed with the obscured glass partition hiding a kitchen of aftermath!

Old meets New – a successful partnership.

Traditional Homes can retain their charm and still benefit from the spaciousness and convenience afforded by today’s folding doors because SunSeeker Doors offers their UK-manufactured, made-to-measure, high quality folding doors in both Georgian and leaded-light options. Yes, even a 16th Century thatched cottage can be benefit from a virtual wall of glass to complement existing leaded-light windows - subject to the relevant permissions, of course.

Aluminium Frames. Go green. Go blue.

Standard white or traditional brown too tame for you? Country living can be enhanced with a green frame surrounding your garden view, matching the green-framed greenhouse, perhaps. Or if your town house balcony view is green–free and you yearn for the hint of a mossy green lawn … why not choose SunSeeker folding doors with green powder-coated low-maintenance sturdy aluminium frames?

Of course, green gardens might need a bit of contrast – how about blue? Modern and stylish – particularly for the contemporary apartment or Mediterranean-style villa – the deep cobalt blue of the sea is a perfect complement to sunny azure skies or moody cumulus. The powder-coated aluminium frames will not crack or flake and will not require re-painting (unless you want to, of course).

Be different. Be bold. Go blue. Or green. A range of colours is one of the options at, including bronze, silver, graphite and slate grey: 01582 492 730


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