Monday, 2 February 2009

An Open View

February has begun with a blanket of snow covering, transforming the views from our cosy homes!

But what if your home isn't so cosy because your patio doors or windows need replacing? What if you don't have a full width of panoramic glazing to view the scenery and let in maximum natural light on dull days?

It's time to consider opening up that gloomy wall and treat yourself to high quality aluminium-framed double-glazed, thermally-compliant, fully insulated K-glass folding patio/balcony doors from
SunSeeker Doors.

Here are some comments from people who have made that choice:

London: Nicola S "Excellent Service and Installation", Francis B "Great Job", Anthony S "Brilliant Job", Claire T "The Service was Excellent, the fitting fabulous", John D "Quick and Easy, Most Impressed";

Kent: Julian K "It looks great and we are really pleased", Nicola N "The Doors look wonderful", Paul S "Good Job Done";

Surrey: Robert D "Brilliant Workers - really quick and efficient", Chris L "Helpful and Efficient Installation";

Hertfordshire: Maria C "Really pleased with the quick friendly service throughout", Brian P "Very Pleased with the doors and windows, especially the integral blinds";

Bedfordshire: Paul B "Looks Good, very tidy installation", Ann H "Good efficient service, friendly workmen";

For more comments from
Essex, Leicester, Nottingham, Solihull and other parts of the UK, view the home page of our web site: and to view some photographs of the finished installations, visit the gallery page.

You can even email a request form for a free quotation with no obligation - we do not employ salesmen to pester people and have grown our business on personal recommendations.

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