Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hot Bright Sunlight ... Oh No!

We've been waiting for the summer since spring 2008
and now we have a taste of it, we remember how hot and bright the sun can be. Much as we have longed for this glorious sunshine, let's now consider the practical elements of bringing the outdoors inside with bifolding glass doors.

If you are thinking of installing bifolding doors, especially if they will be south-facing, you may need to consider the effect of prolonged strong sunlight on your interior furnishing. What are the options?

  • Hang drapes or vertical blinds inside the doors. These can be easily opened to the sides of the doors when required; vertical blinds can also be left in place and adjusted to allow some natural light through. This option becomes less feasible for very wide openings because there is an upper limit to the length of track that blinds can use.

  • Order integral blinds with the folding doors. Each of the double-glazed units can accommodate a pleated blind or Venetian (slatted) blind inside the cavity. Like the vertical blind, horizontal slatted blinds can be fully open, fully closed or adjusted to allow a measured amount of light through. As the blinds are housed within a vacuum, they will never become dusty (Oh Joy!). Operable by magnets or electronic remote control, the integral blinds are not subjected to heave-handedness and are therefore not prone to damage.

  • Order the bifolding doors with special anti-sun glass. This option will filter the sun's harmful rays but does not reduce the light dramatically, as blinds would.

To find out more about the options before you order your bifolding doors, take a look at the SunSeeker Doors
web site or call the Sales office on 01582 492730.

And you haven't missed the boat yet for this summer - from order to installation is currently less than 1 month. Contact us now for the best summer ever in your home.


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