Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Modern Patio Doors on Traditional Properties

Not far from the office is a beautiful, 16th Century, Grade II listed, thatched Hall House. Its listing means that every external change - and some internal ones - have to be approved by the Heritage people as well as the local Planning Authority.

But not all cottages are listed. Owners of some have tastefully introduced new features to complement the original ones. For example, who amongst us would like to install a typical 18th Century farmworker's cottage kitchen or do away with bathrooms?

There are different degrees of modernisation to apply, depending on taste, budget and confidence. It is generally accepted that an old cottage facade should remain as true to its origins as possible, with wooden window frames, a solid wood front door and reclaimed or reproduction roof tiles, if needed. Inside or at the back of the house, particularly when extending the building, we are more adventurous.

Many attractive old cottages have beautiful gardens. SunSeeker Doors can offer three different styles of doors to enhance the experience of living in idyllic surroundings - all the doors facilitate maximum access between the house and garden when open and maximum viewing pleasure when closed.

Our classic bifolding doors have a narrow profile which takes up very little space when the doors are stacked to the side of the opening. The aluminium frames are also narrow (6 cm) which means that there is a greater percentage of glazed area to view through when doors are closed, compared with plastic frames. Bifolding doors have a traditionally opening main door which folds back to secure itself magnetically to the adjoining panel. If required, a larger opening can be made by easily sliding the panels, creating a concertina effect. All the panels can slide and fold to the side or sides of the opening for any aperture up to 7.2 metres (nearly 24 ft).

We also install Glass Curtains. Developed in Europe as frameless, single-glazed sliding panel enclosures for balconies and terraces, Glass Curtains have been installed in the UK as internal room dividers and commercially as frontages for caf├ęs and restaurants. As the sole UK official installer of Glass Curtains, SunSeeker Doors is working with the originators to develop a double-glazed version that will comply with British Standards building regulations on thermal insulation properties. Glass Curtains operate in a similar way to SunSeeker Slimline doors but are entirely frameless.

We are updating our web site with details of all our products. If, in the meantime, you would like more information, please feel free to telephone the office on 01582 492 730 for a no obligation chat with our staff who are technically conversant with our products. We do not employ dedicated sales professionals to pressure you into buying our products.

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