Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Bifolding Doors - the difference is in the detail

For elegance and unobtrusive functionality, SunSeeker Slimline bifolding doors - with aluminium frames available in a range of colours to suite your home - completely outclass any pvc bifolds available today.

For patio doors - and especially as room dividers - the SunSeeker Slimline frames are only 60mm wide (therefore offering more glass for light and viewing) and have the slimmest profile when open and stacked to the side wall. SunSeeker bifolding doors are available with a very low cill.
Shown on the compilation photograph are:
  • (left) stainless steel T-bar handle and lock from the inside of the door (there are other handle choices);
  • (top right) the outside of the door - notice that for added security, there is no keyhole on the outside of the patio doors;
  • (middle right) open doors showing the colour-coordinated white hinge (stainless steel is an option), the narrow profiles and the low cill;
  • (bottom right) discreet magnetic catches at the foot of each door keep the doors in place until you choose to move them.
More photographs and information can be found on our web site.