Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sunny but Cold - Want to See Outside, Not Be Outside?

  • Bifolds have many advantages over sliding doors and standard French doors.
  • Aluminium frames have many advantages over wood and plastic.
  • Slatted blinds have many advantages over curtains.

Put this all together and what have you got? Read this article to find out!

January 2010. It's cold outside but the sun has been shining on much of England. We want to let as much light as we can at this time of year but sometime the sun is so low in the sky that we need to filter some of the rays. Slatted Venetian Blinds!

Unlike fabric curtains, slatted blinds are practical. They have their own "dimmer-switch" that lets you control the amount of light peeping or pouring in through the glass doors or windows. The down-side to slatted blinds is that the surface area that collects dust! Even with various cleaning implements available, slats are not quick nor easy to keep clean.

Except ... you can now order patio doors that have slatted blinds sealed inside the double glazing cavity, where there is no dirt or dust!

Slimline bifolding patio doors can be ordered with venetian blinds secured within the glazing cavity. Integral blinds are not cheap but they are clean and maintenance-free for life!

Consider how expensive it would be for swathes of good quality, lined, fabric curtains on a long pole or curtain track. This would be a considerable cost saving towards your slatted blinds which perform a far superior function. On a bright day with a low sun, do you really want to obscure the light completely by drawing heavy curtains?

For technical information about uniblinds and how they work, visit our web site, www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk, where you will also find more details about our bifolding patio doors.

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