Monday, 1 March 2010

Low Cill / Threshhold with Aluminium Bifolds


When comparing bi folding sliding patio doors and room dividers, consider whether the bottom runner for the doors enables easy access for people and objects as they move between rooms, the conservatory or the garden.

SunSeeker Doors' use of aluminium makes low cills our standard for bifolding doors installation, including (as shown above) the weather cill for bifolding patio doors.

SunSeekers Doors are manufactured in England so we are well aware of the nuances of English weather - wet, cold and occasionally hot. Our bifolding doors are a match for the English climate and the insulation qualities of our thermally-broken aluminium frames are excellent.

Spring has arrived - time to think ahead about your plans for this summer. Take a look at our web site and contact us for a quotation for your folding sliding doors ... and enjoy the great outdoors with a single step across a SunSeeker Doors low cill.

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