Tuesday, 22 June 2010

hot hot hot - and loving my bifolding doors with blinds!

From a member of our marketing team, working fom home: 

Phew! Finally, a few warm summer days and I have my folding-sliding doors on a south facing lounge. This morning, I kept the doors and the integral blinds closed to keep the room cool as I worked, just stepping through the single opening door when I ventured out to the garden for a small break, now and then.
Eventually, as the intense sun stopped beating down directly on the glass doors, I opened up the whole wall of bi-folds, in one smooth movement, to let the breeze waft in from the garden, carrying with it the fragrance of roses, honeysuckle and the early-bird menu from the local pub.
It was heaven - and I felt compelled to write this before stopping work for the day and enjoying the late afternoon shade on the patio.