Friday, 29 April 2011

Recurring Question: Aluminium, PVC or Timber Frames for your Patio Doors?

Often, it's a question of matching existing window frames but today's finishes can simulate natural or painted wood.

Aluminium frames are strongest, usually slimmest and available in well over 100 different colours - including a match for white pvc frames; PVC frames are available in wood-effect and can be the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Timber frames prices vary and the main reasons they are chosen despite higher maintenance issues is because wood can look good and because aluminium or pvc frames are not expected to match existing wooden frames on windows and doors.

There are many articles on the Internet and in magazines discussing this dilemma but even those written within the past year rarely include the alternative option - state-of-the-art FRAME-LESS patio doors. Only two manufacturers offer double-glazed FULLY RETRACTABLE patio doors that are thermally compliant with UK building regulations.

Compare SunSeeker Bi Folding, Frameless and UtraSlim frames: