Monday, 8 August 2011

Thermally Broken - sounds bad but it's good

Sometimes we forget that industry-standard expressions are not always understood by many of our customers.

This week, we were asked what Thermally Broken Aluminium means and is it a good or bad thing?

Metals are good conductors of hot or cold which, in the case of door frames, is a bad thing because if the sun heats metal on the outside of the door - or worse, if the frost chills the metal outside - the rise or fall in temperature will be felt inside. Aluminium-framed doors would fail to meet thermal insulation requirements.

The way to retain all the good properties of aluminium frames without the unwanted results is to create a break between the aluminium on the outside and the aluminium on the inside. When this is done (by whichever method a manufacturer has developed) it is referred to as "thermally broken".

SunSeeker Doors' aluminium frames are thermally broken ... which is good. Visit our web site for aluminium-framed bi-folding-sliding doors, aluminium-framed slide-and-pivot doors and frameless double-glazed doors.