Thursday, 12 April 2012

Frameless vs Frameless Double Glazed Conservatory Doors

Conservatories and extensions are subject to different planning regulations. Although they may look almost identical, an extension will need to conform to domestic dwelling insulation standards whereas a conservatory is considered to be an attached 'outbuilding' and should not form part of the living accommodation.

Doors between the original house and its extension are internal doors and our tempered glass frameless slide and pivot retractable doors are the perfect room divider for this situation.

Doors to a conservatory must comply with building regulations for patio doors and in this case, you would need to select double glazed retractable slide and pivot doors, as illustrated in the photograph.

Double glazing has better insulation and noise reduction qualities than single glazed partition doors. Of course, if you want to install double glazed doors in preference to tempered glass doors between rooms, there are no laws against it! In fact, you have the choice of double-glazed Frameless doors or UltraSlim aluminium frame slide and pivot doors. You can find details and request a comparable quotation from