Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Choose your Bi Folding Glass Doors by recommendation

If you have landed on this article during your research, you may already have considered that aluminium framed or frameless glass doors are suited to your property; aluminium frames complement any white, coloured or metal framed existing windows and frameless can be used with any other style, modern or traditional, whether mullioned, leaded-light or stained glass.

At SunSeeker Doors, we fully believe that aluminium is the best material for bi folding door frames. PVC isn't strong enough unless reinforced (usually with aluminium) especially where hinges are set - and even then, the frame width is significantly more than aluminium. Timber frames look good but at an equivalent price to aluminium, the quality will not be the highest; prone to weather-related swelling and shrinkage, the wood will need to be treated and protected every year.

The raw aluminium has a powder-coated finish, offering a plethora of colours. The aluminium frames are thermally broken, meaning that the temperature affecting the exposed external aluminium is insulated from the frame on the inside of the property. SunSeeker Doors use a good quality aluminium; beware of cheap imported bifolds which may not be fit for purpose. Buying from a British manufacturer will avoid any shipping delays and help boost the economy!

With no hinges to dictate the strength required for side frames, Frameless Glass Doors provides a more versatile option for some home owners. An innovative new concept of a fully retractable door set, the glass doors are not joined together but each door operates separately, moving independently with a slide and pivot action.

To our knowledge, SunSeeker Doors is the only British manufacturer currently offering a kite-marked double glazed fully retractable frameless glass door system. 

Sitting between our Slimline aluminium framed bifolds and Frameless Glass Doors, SunSeeker Doors UltraSlim is a slide and pivot door-set with 19mm aluminium side frames. To help you decide between bi folding doors, UltaSlim or frameless slide and pivot doors, we are happy to provide you with a no-obligation comparative quotation which includes a measuring service and full installation by our own team of experienced fitters.

Finally, choose your bi folding doors by recommendation ...