Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How Slim are UltraSlim Door Frames?

When considering door frame widths, remember that when two doors are together, the width is approximately double. For example, a standard frame that is one and a half inches wider than a slim frame will obscure an additional three inches of your potential view through the centre of a pair of doors.

Our client wanted to see more of the lovely view from inside the home (below).

This is a good example, where we have captured the image of the old door and placed it next to the new doors to illustrate the difference in frame widths:

UltraSlim Frames can be seen as pairs that are jointly slimmer than a single frame on the old door.
Some typical sizes of door frames are:
  • SunSeeker UltraSlim 19mm / 38mm pair
  • SunSeeker Slimline 60mm / 120mm pair
  • Aluminium frames, typically 72mm / 144mm pair
  • Typical upvc frame, up to 80mm / 220*mm
    *sometimes, there is an additional post to encase the locking mechanism
The difference between 220mm and 38mm is approximately SEVEN inches!

If you would like a quotation to replace your old patio doors with UltraSlim, call a human on 01582 492 730 or submit the quote request. Thank you.