Monday, 3 March 2014

SunSeeker UltraSlim Doors at Caffè Nero

2014, Lymington: the popular Caffè Nero had one drawback - customers always clamoured for seats by the large front windows because it was rather dark and gloomy near the back. No longer!

The rear of Caffè Nero in Lymington's High Street now has an expanse of fully openable patio doors with ultraslim frames, installed by SunSeeker Doors.

The doors are fully retractable for walking outside to the terrace or one door can be used normally if it's too cold to leave them all open all of the time.

There are other options, too. Any number of the doors may be opened and stacked at the side; any remaining doors can slide along the guides to be positioned wherever is most convenient.

There are more images of the Caffè Nero installation in our UltraSlim Doors gallery plus illustrations of the doors positioned along the opening, including a video demonstration of slide and turn doors.

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