Monday, 1 September 2014

Choosing Between Aluminium UltraSlim or SuperSlim Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Frames - Features & Benefits

SunSeeker Doors has long heralded Slimline Bi Folding Doors based upon the strength of the aluminium door frames. When compared with plastic or timber frames, aluminium frames retain their strength and durability even though they are considerably slimmer, both in profile and sightline.

Other benefits of aluminium frames include the finish. Powder-coating the frames in any of 200-ish colours offers a wider choice over alternative materials. The coating is extremely resiliant and, unless abused, will never require maintenance. No painting, ever. Just an occasional wipe with a damp cloth if, for example, muddy paws or handprints are in evidence.

Aluminium has come a long way in the decades since Crittal window frames were installed! Window and door frames have been developed to comply to EU and British standard thermal ratings. Thermally-broken aluminium frames mean that heat and cold cannot easily pass through from inside to outside or vice versa.

Retractable Doors - Features and Benefits

SunSeeker Doors manufactures a range of retractable patio doors. These are doors that fully open up for maximum walk-through width. The most popular style of retractable door that is widely available is the bi folding door. Bi-folds are also known as concertina, accordian, zig-zag or sliding-folding doors.

SunSeeker Slimline Bifolds have been installed throughout England for a number of years. Made to measure, often within 2-4 weeks, they are often specified by architects whose clients have provided good feedback. Subject to the support above the bi folding doors installation, retractable doors can be used for widths of up to 7metres. They are easy to slide open and closed in seconds. 

With the doors closed, there is a feeling of spaciousness and an abundance of natural light through the expanse of glass. With the doors fully open, the home and garden are seemless living areas.

The newer style of retractable glass door looks similar to bi folding but each door is independent as there are no hinges joining them together. These are slide and turn or slide-pivot doors and the double-glazed versions are fairly unique to SunSeeker Doors. At the time of publication, no other manufacturer is believed to have aluminium-frame slide-pivot retractable doors.

As with Bi folding doors, slide-pivot doors have a standard master door that will pivot open normally. Unlike bifolds, the other doors will slide along the guides towards the open door and each can also pivot open, as many as required.

SunSeeker Doors' slide-pivot systems include Frameless Glass Doors (single glazed doors are not for use as patio doors but ideal retractable room dividers) and UltraSlim, with a 0.19cm side frame per door.

New Super Slimline Bi Folding Doors

The newly launched SuperSlim bi folding door also has a 0.19cm side frame. SunSeeker has invested more than a year of research into developing new locking and hinge systems to reduce the frame width associated with standard bi folding door frames. No other manufacturer is currently able to offer a similar bi fold with only 0.38cm sightline between two closed doors.

Why Choose SunSeeker Slimline Doors for your Property?

There is a wide choice of retractable patio doors with kite-marked double glazing that adhere to EC and British Standards. Some, including SunSeeker Doors, are manufactured in the UK and installed by the company's own team. Once you narrow down the available options of aluminium frames, possibly glass options and integral blinds, there are still a few companies in the mix.

If you want to maximise the glass area by selecting retractable doors with the slimmest sightlines, you need to choose between UltraSlim and SuperSlim.

Which Slimline Doors are Best for You - UltraSlim or SuperSlim?

UltraSlim's individual doors may not be your favourite choice if you have six or more doors to open and close. Other than that, the main decider is where you want the main door to open and which side you want the doors to stack.

The difference is illustrated in the image below:

These are 3-door systems with the main door on the left as you face the doors from inside the room. With bi folding doors, you them slide all doors from the left to stack on the right. With individual slide-pivot doors, each door slides towards the left for turning and stacking on the left.

Although, another nice touch with slide and turn doors is that you can open the first door and slide the next door across to keep a single width central opening or slide both doors to the left, without turning them, to have the walk-through space on the right.

Visit for a video demonstration of the versatility of UltraSlim slide-pivot doors.