Friday, 9 January 2015

Most Popular Frame Colour Now Supplied As Standard

Since SunSeeker Doors launched UltraSlim and SuperSlim bi folding door systems with frame widths of less than 2cm, the most popular frame colour to be specified by clients - by a huge margin - is Anthracite Grey.

Reacting to demand, we have instated Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) as the Standard colour on all SunSeeker Doors' frames at no extra charge.

Other popular colours are various tones of grey - Slate grey, Graphite grey, Stone grey, "Silver" - plus black or white.

We can supply your frames in any of around 200 RAL colours; we are sometimes asked for less usual colours and have supplied frames in dark blue, moss green, sepia and "gold". Here is a link to more information about our aluminium door frame colour options.

Colours are powder-coated onto the aluminium frames and require virtually no maintenance, usually an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. In our many years of business, we have never known powder-coated aluminium colours to fade, discolour or easily chip.

Stonger and more appealing that upvc, aluminium door frames are very popular with home owners and commercial property owners. Visit our website and view some of our slimline, superslim and ultraslim patio door installations!