Monday, 9 March 2009

BiFolding Doors - Builders' Cheaper Alternatives

No matter what the budget for home improvement, it always seems to escalate and cost-cutting becomes essential.

A single storey extension might be priced by the builder at around £40,000. Whether the builder is charging time-and-materials or a fixed-price-job, there will almost always be extras to pay for. For example, is there a percentage allowed for unforeseen problems such as uncovering rotting timbers or discovering damaged pipework?

Have you checked any 'PC' items in the builders quote/estimate? These are Provisional Costings and therefore subject to change. Examples here might include doors, windows, sanitaryware, taps, floor tiles, etc. These PCs are often for basic options and most home-owners tend to be a bit more choosy. If you haven't already sourced and priced specific items, these extras can add up to a significant amount.

Not to mention how many changes to the original specification happen during the process!

Many builders are good sources of information when it comes to suggesting suppliers and best value for money but, even with the best intentions, following that advice can sometimes be detrimental.

During the past week, here at SunSeeker Doors, two cases have come to our attention. In each entirely separate case, a builder had suggested that costs of bifolding doors could be reduced if sourced elsewhere through the trade. In both cases, the doors were supplied by companies that do not specialise in bifolding doors and, unfortunately, the doors soon became difficult to operate.

At the end of the job
the doors were working but it transpired that they came with no further guarantee nor warranty. Who is responsible? The supplier, the builder or the home-owner? In the end, it's the home-owner who has paid the money and has to sort out any problems.

Bifolding doors, manufactured by specialist companies such as SunSeeker Doors, can offer warranties on their products and installations because the products have been tried and tested in thousands of homes over the years, measured and fitted by experienced professionals.

Typical pitfalls with bifolding doors are: (1) materials used (2) tension calculations.

Wood, particularly softwood but including unseasoned hardwood, can warp and can expand in hot or wet weather. Once this happens, there could be problems with opening, closing and sliding. More importantly, this means that the doors may not be keeping the heat in or the draught out.
The weight of the doors needs to be distributed correctly to enable the doors to slide smoothly in the runners for the full length of the opening, particularly as the openings can be 5, 6 or 7 metres in length.

SunSeeker BiFolding Doors are made from aluminium. It's strength, compared with pvc or wood, enables a much narrower frame around each glass door panel and a slimmer profile for maximum access when doors are fully opened. A real benefit of the powder-coated finish is that it doesn't require painting or varnishing.
And, though a major objective is to see as little door-frame as possible, what you can see will remain looking good just wiped with a damp cloth occasionally.

SunSeeker Door prices are very competitive for the quality and anticipated life of the product, they will continue to perform for years, in terms of both functionality and thermal efficiency.

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