Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Summer's coming ... need patio doors with integral blinds and no dusting!

There are several issues to be covered here. First, planning ahead. Summer is coming and bifolding-sliding doors that open across the whole wall, either to the conservatory or the garden, would be brilliant! You could feel like you were on holiday in the Mediterranean with an
al fresco lifestyle. Furniture can easily be carried onto the patio through the wide opening and the balmy breeze can waft into the room, carrying with it the scent of garden flowers.

Secondly, if you make that decision early to catch the Spring sunshine, it may be a little nippy to keep the doors fully open all day but with a south-facing aspect the house will be warm all day. However, if the house is empty during hot summer days, you may want a contingency plan to keep the temperature down a little - maybe curtains or vertical blinds to stop the sun's penetrating rays from making the room too stuffy.

Here's a great idea ... order your patio doors with integral blinds! You can choose pleated or slatted, fitted inside the double glazing cavity and operated from within the room, either manually (using magnets) or with a remote control. The blinds will never need dusting or cleaning, they are not subjected to heavy-handedness so they are unlikely to need repair. Integral blinds are available in a range of colours, as are the powder-coated door frames. Match them or contrast to establish your style.

If you want integral blinds, you will need to order your bifolding doors at least a month before installation (maybe longer, depending on work schedules) but if you just want a fabulous range of up to 7.2 metres of folding glass wall between your home and the great outdoors, current timescales are from two to four weeks between order and installation.

SunSeeker Doors are made to order in their factory near the M1 in Bedfordshire, fitted by their experienced installation team and carry a two-year warranty. Client testimonials are included amongst the blog posts; further information plus a photograph gallery and a quotation request form are on the web site:


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