Thursday, 2 April 2009

BiFolding Doors vs French Doors, Illustrated

SunSeeker Bifolding Doors
The photograph shows an aluminium-framed 3-door SunSeeker biFolding Doors installation, partly opened to the size of a typical French Door aperture size. It ideally illustrates the difference between the two types of door openings and their potential aperture sizes.

This installation also has integral blinds fitted to the doors, between the glass. You can see from the shadows in the photograph how the blinds can protect a south-facing room from intense light and therefore soaring temperatures and also help prevent carpets and furniture from sun-bleaching.

SunSeeker Doors sourced the side windows for the client, with matching integral blinds, and completed the installation in less than half a day, only five weeks from initial order.

To see more photographs of SunSeeker Doors installations, visit the web site gallery at
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