Saturday, 16 July 2011

Slide and Fold or Slide and Turn - which doors do you prefer?

At SunSeeker Doors, we offer fully retractable patio doors and glass room dividers with the option of Slide and Fold or Slide and Turn.

When closed, both types of doors look similar. Folding-sliding or bi-folding doors have wider frames than our Ultra-Slim or Frameless Glass doors which work on the principle of each glass door individually sliding to the end of the guide rail before pivoting at right-angles to rest at the sides of the opening.

An advantage of the individual slide and pivot doors is that spaces can be left anywhere along the opening whereas the bifolds are joined together, enabling limited choice of where they may be left open.

Price-wise, there is not a massive difference between the styles and, until the end of July, there is a special offer:  UltraSlim for the SAME PRICE as bi folds. You can submit a request for an obligation-free comparative quotation of all our innovative doors with one easy form, here: Patio Door Quote Comparison.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Room Dividers are single glazed using tempered 'unbreakable' glass.

Click here for special offer on UltraSlim.