Saturday, 23 July 2011

Bifolds & UltraSlim - lets talk sight-lines and price!

To the best of our knowledge, our 38mm sight-lines are the slimmest available for retractable double-glazed doors. This means that when you look through the span of closed doors, there is more glass for your viewing pleasure. 

Both our Frameless double-glazed Doors and SunSeeker UltraSlim have 38mm sightlines. The main difference is that Frameless Glass Doors have a visible opaque gasket around the double glazing n order to seal the vacuum that is fundamental to thermal insulation - and so does UltraSlim! But with UltraSlim, the gasket is covered with powder-coated aluminium, giving the customer a choice of almost 200 colours for their frames.

There is one other MAJOR difference throughout July 2011 ... SunSeeker UltraSlim is being offered for THE SAME PRICE as SunSeeker Slimline bi-folding doors. Slimline has always offered one of the slimmest profiles and frames amongst bi-folding door products.

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