Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Video: easy to use bi folding doors. See it. Believe it.

There is a good reason that bi folding doors have become popular. Compared with French doors, they offer a more panoramic view and when compared with sliding doors, they offer greater access. You could say that they combined the best of both yet it has taken around ten years for bi folding doors to 'take off'.

This is largely due to the cost and timing of any home improvement project but also partly down to the less pioneering home-owner who wants to ensure that bi folding door systems actually work properly and will last a good number of years. The video is taken at a customer's home and shows a set of SunSeeker bi folding doors that were installed in 2007.

Mindful of the longevity issue, SunSeeker Doors developed the sliding-folding doors system using good quality aluminium frames and have been installing their concertina-style doors since 2003. British innovation and quality is slightly more expensive than cheap imported copies (but not in the long run). SunSeeker bi-folds are manufactured at their Bedfordshire site and installed by their own experienced teams.

Sturdier than pvc and with far lower maintenance that timber, aluminium frames are 'thermally broken' so that extreme temperatures from outside are not transferred inside the home.

Notes. A strong magnet keeps the main door from swinging in the wind when open. The integral blinds controller can be removable or fixed; it works with magnets inside the glazing cavity to open/close the slats and to raise/lower the blinds.

Please visit www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk for a free quotation for your bi folding doors or to see our range of retractable patio doors, room dividers and enclosures.