Friday, 28 September 2012

Contemporary Chic UltraSlim Doors Now More Affordable

Following a successful year with installations of our innovative SunSeeker UltraSlim patio doors system, we are delighted to announce that our prices have been reduced in line with our costs. This means that you don't have to settle for our traditional bi fold doors for your ultra chic home because the latest innovation in patio door styling is now only 10% more than our Slimline bi folding doors.

What sets UltraSlim apart from the rest?

They combine the best of folding and sliding patio doors:
  • The UltraSlim side frames are less than 2cm wide (bi folds are typically 4 or more times wider to allow for the fitted hinges that enable the folding action) which means that there is more glass to let in light and views
  • Like bi folds but unlike traditional sliding patio doors, the master door is a standard pivot door opening that can be used to enter and exit
  • However, once the main door is open, the adjacent door can slide into its place along the opening, creating the enter/exit opening further along the 'glass wall'
  • If you require a wider opening, similar to that of French doors, the door that you have just moved into the vacated space can also be opened as a pivot door; this can be repeated for as many doors as you have so that the whole of the opening can be used, just like bi folding doors.
We call this system retractable sliding doors or slide and pivot doors. The system is made to measure and therefore is easily adaptable to windows too. And, you can choose integral blinds that look great and never ever need dusting!

A British innovation designed, manufactured and installed exclusively by SunSeeker Doors.

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UltraSlim retractable patio doors.