Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Extending the Use of your Swimming Pool

Choosing an open air pool in your garden over an indoor pool may have been through budget, planning permission, a preference for fresh air and sunshine - or maybe it was already installed when you moved into the property.

If you have an open air pool in your garden, there is often a limited number of weeks that it gets used, due to the British climate. SunSeeker Doors can offer an attractive, contemporary solution to extending the usability of your pool - an enclosure of retractable frameless glass doors.

With the doors fully open, you still have every benefit of an outdoor pool. With the doors closed, you have the benefits of an open air pool but without cold winds blowing across. The heat from the pool water is retained close to the pool and swimming - or just messing about and having fun - can begin in spring and last until well into October.

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