Friday, 22 February 2013

Sightline Extra Large Glass Doors

Recently, Sightline Doors was launched to bring Extra Large Glass sliding doors to householders and owners of commercial premises who require large leaf glass doors. Each glass door has a maximum dimension of 3m x 6m, for extra wide or extra tall entrances.

extra wide sliding glass doors
There are two extra wide doors on this building. Either door may be opened with ease, creating ample room for people to pass through, several at a time! With the doors closed, there is a very slim sight-line as the side frames have only a 14mm width.

extra tall sliding glass doorsBy contrast, the longer side of the glass  has been used to create height for the doors on this building - compare the height of the glass doors with the doors in the office wall inside.

Sightline extra large glass doors are available from SunSeeker Doors. We also install Slimline bifolds and UltraSlim glass doors.