Monday, 4 March 2013

UltraSlim Doors for 10% more than Bi Folds

Our Slimline Bi Folding Door frames, at around 71mm (2¾") and with narrow profiles, has always been a market leader of contemporary doors but UltraSlim Door frames are 19mm (about ¾") at each side of each double glazed door, available in over 100 colour choices: white, black, silver, green, blue, sepia, grey and more.

Shown here is an 8-door UltraSlim Doors installation in a new extension, which has a viewing width in excess of 6.2m (approx 20ft) of glass interrupted by less than 27cm (under 11") of vertical frame. When all the doors are opened, there will be in excess of 6m of continuous access space between the house and patio, just like bifolds.

Unlike Bi Folding doors, UltraSlim door frames do not have hinges fitted, enabling us to reduce the frame width. The door on the right of the image will open just like a regular pivot door. Other doors are then able to slide along the guides to be positioned as required. To open more than one door, slide the nearest door towards the first (open) door and it will then pivot open in the same way. Repeat for as many doors as you require to open. You can have a pivot door at each end, if preferred.

Launched a couple of years ago, UltraSlim has rapidly become our best selling door and now we are able to offer this innovative product, made to measure and fully installed, for only 10% more than the price of our bifolds (compare door prices here).