Thursday, 11 November 2010

Double-glazed Frameless Doors - as much space as you can handle!

Earlier this week, a customer told us that they had never heard of FRAMELESS bi folding patio doors until they accidentally discovered them on our website.

That's the problem with being ahead of the game - spreading the word takes time and/or money and, as SunSeeker Doors is not a large corporation, getting the message across is a slow but rewarding task.

Frameless Glass Doors look similar to bifolds but don't actually fold. The doors hug each other tightly until they are required to part. The main door opens so that the other doors may be spread across the opening or fully retracted for maximum access between the two areas.

Our double-glazed frameless doors exceed UK building regulations for use between the inside and outside of your home.

A single glazed version is available if you just need a classy plain glass room divider - it's so understated that people sometimes assume it's a glass wall and don't realise that it's fully openable.

Treat yourself and wow your friends...
Our website has full details of Frameless Glass Doors, including photographs of some installations, or you can call us with your questions on 01582 492730.