Friday, 5 November 2010

An Ordinary Door Amongst Extraordinary Doors

It occurred to us recently that, due to our over-enthusiasm, we effuse about how our bi folding doors and our frameless glass doors open and close during the better weather yet we forget to mention that, for everyday usage, they are all equipped with a traditionally opening door.

To clarify, both styles of door expanse include a traditionally hinged or pivoting main door. This can be locked and unlocked with a key, opened and closed with a handle. You can walk between rooms or into the garden as if it was just an ordinary door - which it is.

The other (extraordinary) doors are its accomplices.

  • On bifolds, the other doors are linked with hinges that allow them to be opened in a concertina / accordian style.
  • Frameless doors have no hinges but snuggle together until separated by first opening the (almost) ordinary door then moving the nearest extraordinary door, by sliding it across the gap. When it reaches the furthest point along the guides, it can swivel to rest next to the first door. The process is repeated for each door, as required, or any of the doors can remain in a closed position anywhere along the guide rails.

For visual enlightenment, please see our photograph galleries for bi folding doors, double glazed frameless doors and frameless glass doors for enclosures and room dividers.