Friday, 26 November 2010

Working with Design and Build Architects

At SunSeeker Doors, we have often worked with architects and builders to install bifolding doors in new or extended homes but since the launch of of our fairly unique Frameless double-glazed doors, there has been a greater interest from the design and build sector.

In the UK, if clients want to make the most of a spectacular view from their homes, the considerations are:
  • best uninterrupted view,
  • best view through the glass,
  • building regulations compliance.
The best uninterrupted view is to have nothing between yourself and the view, not even glass. This can be achieved by installing retractable doors and opening them fully, such as slimline bifolding doors, glass curtains or double-glazed frameless glass doors. SunSeeker Doors manufactures and installs all these types of doors.

The best view through the glass can be achieved with fixed frameless glass panels, sliding frameless glass patio doors or retractable glass curtains made from single-glazed tempered glass but none of these would meet building regulations approval if installed between the main house and the outside. Double-glazing is necessary to reduce heat loss from homes, therefore a narrow opaque edge is unavoidable around each glass panel. With this in mind, the best available options for the best view through glass doors are double-glazed frameless glass doors or sliding patio doors.

Traditional sliding patio doors that run left and right along tracks do not retract to improve the view or access area. Sunseeker Doors' frameless glass doors have been developed to slide then pivot ninety degrees to stack neatly at the side of the opening for maximum access, light source and viewing aperture.

Design-and-Build Frameless Glass Doors Installation

SunSeeker Doors has experienced teams to perform a site survey and who can install our doors - frameless or bifolds - with minimum fuss in minimum time, leaving a tidy site within a few hours.

Architects benefit from fast but professional service, customers are pleased to be free of workmen and their debris and have working doors the same day.

We have the flexibility to work with architects, developers and building professionals to meet deadlines and other requirements. Read more about us on our web site, email or call 01582 492 730 to discuss including our quality, innovative doors in your plans.